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My Manga Project

Ah yes, another day of trying to focus on my manga project. Yep that's right! I'm starting my own manga and is already working on it! lol

Been working so hard on it and chapter one is just riiight around the corner. I can basically draw my own characters pretty well and fluent now. That and I'm starting to get the flow of my story...

Ya :) Just thought I'd share the news with the Otaku community, that, my manga is on it's way~ <3

This is my Manga's Logo:
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New to The Otaku, Play nice!!

Hey guys, finally understood how to use this "world" thing. Gosh I must be slow or something. I'm still very new to TheO, don't know how you guys do things around here. Deviantart had been the home of my art for the past year and I'm looking to start a home here too~!

Please play nice~ :) So far I've shared my Pokemon Misty one on here, think I'll be sharing my Digimon one soon.

And if you wanna check out my dA, I placed the link on the top of my world <3 Let's get along and play nice~!! Really looking forward to making friends with you! ;)

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