If you are wondering why I don't call it TemariMinato's corner it is because I have decided it is much too confusing do to the fact Temari is in the Naruto series, (which I am currently obbsessing over...) and Minato being the *SPOILER ALERT TO DUB WATCHERS!* Naruto's dad's name. If you are wondering why I don't call it Ryuudori's room, its because I am too poor to have a room..., therefore I currently live in a corner.

Tensame: actually its a small cardboard box....

Me: '....' Go Stuff a Teddy Bear..... >->

Tensame: -leaves for a minute- Done. -holds a teddy bear-

Me: did I mention I hate you?

Tensame: Yes. On several occasions.

Me: '...'

Tensame: here's a video....

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OMC! I can make icons that blink from stand-still frames! Like the ones that blink, or open and close their mouths! Yay! X3

Hana-Kimi Sano colored in Paint.NET from the manga

Stuck in a rut

lets see, I wrote a entire project on Flamberge, web page development projects center around ToS, currently I draw Yuan... My dreams are of the eternal sword....

I just got Paint.net

OMC! Its just like Adobe Photoshop! all the tools, features and things, FREE!!!! IM IN LOVEEEEEE!