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Cold World

This world is cold,
Even in the warmest weather.
But I’m not a warm person,
I’m a girl with a cold temper.

My friend thinks he’s emo,
He says he hated his old self.
But now, he’s changed.
I feel like he’s a person I don’t know.

We had so many good times,
We were practically inseperable.
But now that he has changed,
He thinks he’s so cool.

My grandmother is dying of cancer,
She’s my pride and joy.
So, I feel, that when she’s gone,
I’ll feel happy no more.

Even though we’re not blood relatives,
We have a lot in common, her and I.
We both sing, we have our own comedy,
I’ll just miss her so much.

My other friend says he hates the world,
But I know that’s not true.
Because deep down, I know,
That he cares so much.

These lyrics are my feelings towards these events,
Sometimes I think I’ll just go in a hole, and lie.
I went through a time of great depression,
I thought I would commit suicide.

But now, I feel as I am a nobody,
Some person taking up air.
Of other people who need it,
Like my grandmother dear.