My musical talents

I guess I should post My music.Ive been producing for almost 2 years now and I am pretty good at if I dont say so myself.
Got tons of stuff.

alot there, theyll be in my game.

almighty update!!!

ok ive had some time to sort out a few projects,first thing i realized dont set a deadline.i treid to force a deadline on myself to make me more agile at drawing.
but yeah ,no.doesnt seem to work that here are a few projects that im doing.

  • crash chapter 5 &6
  • vlad chapter 1
  • yugi-oh nightmare duelist fanfic part 2
  • persona:fragile dreamers fanmade tribute.

on that last one im looking for persona lovers to help on.
im ganna draw manga pannels to move this video but all the dialog will be voiced by someone and each persons character will pop up on screen with text just like they do in the games.i havent realy set on the style the manga pages or characters will be drawn hoping for another person to draw the characters while i do the manga panel editing and script work will of course be done by me.
i have some character designs ready and this time our protagonist will be a women with the default name of yuki .
the battles will be drawn out for us to see,infact the entire project will mimic the script work of the game itself with plenty of variables and choices posed.even a full designed hub for the video will be made as to fit each panel.the color pallet will be red and black.the setting is tokio
with camios from both persona games aswell as my own manga crash!
in the play through it will seem like a video game set up because thats the true nature of persona.
besides that its much easier to do a moving manga then it is to do a completely animated hoping of course to make the opening completely animated.although itll prolly be tricky rather then moving charcters more then a few
yes im that lazy.but i will try hard to make myself proactive!!!after this cup of coffee!!!and a round of w.o.w. !!and my sailor moon dvds!!!
and Christmas cake!!!! i hope someone gives me chocolate this year.
oh yeah well if your ganna try out for this send me a pic you drew of any of the last persona game characters and if your voicing get some lines from any anime and work em in mp3 format.if yuo have no idea how to do that get audacity its a freeware recorder and editor you can smash things into mp3 with it too.
well yeah send it too {[email protected]}
add me to your contacts!!