random upgradiness

im now an otakusenior++ so yeah.my b-day is in three days wish me a happy 21!!! ...

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random yugioh deck idea.

[MONSTERS] {necroface x2} {malice ascendant x3} {cyber oroboros x2-3} {d-hero departed x2-3} {d-hero dasher} {d-hero defender x2} {mezuki x2} {red eyes zombie dragon x2} {plague spreader zombie...

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fueled by ramen.

i want candy!! happy Halloween!!im all excited.
as per usual im doing stuffs.i drew frieza!i wanted to draw a good villain,but the androids seemed to easy for the practice.cause i like a good scare im ganna watch zombie movies and draw some gruesome monsters.i might even animate somethng.all of this filled by instant ramen!!dont forget to watch nightmare before christmas.im ganna watch it and sing along.

"kidnap the santdy claws,chop himm into bits."

as a random deck list ,i call this my night mare deck.zombie/fiend/machine deck.

{soul absorbing bone tower x2}
{necroface x2}
{paladin of cursed dragon x3}
{red eyes zombie dragon x 2}
{mad archfiend x2}
{dark ruler ha des}
{cyber vally x2}
{mask of darkness}
{castle of dark illusions}
{card trooper}
{helping robo for combat}
{cyber dragon}

{dd borderline}
{lightning vortex}
{my body as a shield x2}
{zombie world x2}
{book of life x2}
{heavy storm}
{mystical space typhoon}

{waboku x2}
{destruction draw}
{dna surgery x2}
{dust tornado}
{call of the haunted}
{time machine}
{mirror force}
{kunai with chain}

stabby rip stabstab

wonderful attack kittens from space!!!!

my life is in a coffee cup.

ok...Maybe I need to draw more pages.It's hard to get motivated when I'm just about to get somewhere in persona 4.I'm on a level where the characters thi...

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