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Well, I'm not allowed all my pretty stuff in my profile like I was on anyway...WELCOME TO MY CASTLE!!! Here cartoons and reality! So welcome and enjoy mingling with your favorite characters!

I'm going to continue posting on ~MyOtaku~

I think I might start recycling old post on know, some of those good crossover ones...But if you're looking for YuYu Hakusho Beyond! then I have a separate world on here for that ^^

As for myself: I'm beautiful young (but older than the majority of people I find on here XD) and extremely talented! I can cook, do crafts, sing alto/tenor, play viola/mandolin/easy piano, voice act, create graphics, write (oh I love writting!), dance, choreograph, gaming (Cube and PS2, I like my eye toy more than the wii remote), basic html designs, amv's (I'm Tiggerola on YouTube if you want to check them out), mixing audio, and I even do windows!

My favorite color is turquoise, my favorite number is 13, my favorite letter is V, my favorite anime is Fruits Basket, my favorite movie is Newsies, my favorite musics are hymns, classical, cartoons (including anime theme songs), oldies and celtic. Plus, I'm just plain special!

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I haven't drawn in a long time, but I'll try my best~~~

Birth By Sleep Quiz!

Sorry, we don't really have internet, so I'm not on that much, I'll still do my best to help anybody who needs it *kinda sad about failling angelite duties*

Let's see, I submitted this 2 weeks before the game officially came out (hoping guru to approve it at around the same time as the release...) and FINALLY it has been released!

External Image

Okay so I've been married for what...2 months now so it took 3 months to go through? I guess they're not getting as many quiz entries as they desire?

Oh wells, at least it's out now, so YAY! There's finally a BBS quiz! (I wonder how long before we get bbs merchandise? :3) Let me know who you get!!!

*fingers crossed*

I've had the idea for a while...but finally got around to finishing up all the details~ I just submitted a quiz to Guru for Kindom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (yeah, there are a few KH quizes already availible, but none for BBS yet, so it's still unique ^^) The game comes out in America in TWO WEEKS! I hope the quiz is approved in time to celebrate the release! *nervous anticipation*

Well...anyone else want to talk BBS? I already know the whole story so don't worry about spoiling me ^^;

My groove for Memoirs has been pfht -_- since BBS came out in Japan, but I'm working on two other Kindom Heart stories that are consistent with the new canon installment~ One with Riku and Sora meeting at school about a year before BBS takes place, and then a potential-even-though-it-won't-happen-like-this KHIII.

There is a connection between the two new stories, but they aren't nessecary for each other. There is no connection with Memoirs, even if a character with the same name and appearence shows up (yeah...AU, grew up in different situations so even if she's the same, her personality is completely different in the two for good reason)

For Riku and Sora as kids, I'm debating on the title between "Secret Friendship" "The Boy On Top of the Slide" "Childhood Destiny" "Keyblade Destiny" or something -.- Their dads don't want them to be friends (oh noes forever whys? o.o) Chapter titles are easier on this one though X3 Don't know if anyone will notice, but every chapter title is also a song title lol (yeah I'm a cheeseball sometimes) WELL ANYWAY, this story won't have any BBS spoilers and once I get around to it, I'm going to do a radioplay preview of the story that covers the first chapter (no, I'm not going to mix the whole story...VAs don't usually stay with you that long...)

Now for the KHIII-esque story, it's more...unstable? I'm trying to breeze through it to get to the good parts so some chapters will be real short and others long XD I at least have the title "Restoration" (kind of like "Reconnect" that you see at the end of the BBS secret ending, but different enough so people know I'm not claiming what will 'officially' happen when the real KH3 comes out, although I do have some of my theories but if they honestly were to all come true (sure I'd love for my ideas to be canon buuuut) I'd want some royalties XP) as Sora and Riku set off to bring back Aqua, Terra, and Ven--and probably with a lot more drama than KH would really have XD I couldn't help it...must the the influence of Tales of Symphonia and Abyss and the other Tales of games lol crack pairings in the party anyone?

Not too much of Riqua though D': but yeah...after BBS, putting Terra and Xehanort and Riku together... pluuuuuus the fact that I love Riku and I like voicing Aqua XD, kinda like how I also voice Maleficent and <3 the Riku and Maleficent relationship lol I hope to see more Riqua fan art after BBS is released X3

Meh~I'm rambling now, sorry XD I better get back to writing.

Sora Visits YuYu Hakusho World

So on Saturday, the YuYu Hakusho Brigade had a special visitor: Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Here's a copy of how the RP adventure went~

Sora as himself {Wielder of Light}
Zakuro Rose as Yusuke and Hiei
Tiggerola as Kuwabara and Kurama

Yusuke: When the heck are we gonna get started? Any longer and I'll have to shave my beard!

Kuwabara: Well that would be a new look on you, Urameshi

Sora: Hey Donald over th-- Oh Um... Hi! ^^

Kurama: Hello. Are you new around here?

Sora: Ah, Yea. We just kinda dropped in you could say. ^^' heh. I'm Sora!

Kurama: A pleasure. I'm Kurama, The impatient one there is Yusuke, the tall one is Kuwabara, and the short one is Hiei.

Yusuke: Hey!

Hiei: . . .

Kurama: ^^; . . . So then, what brings you here?

Yusuke: Yeah. Don't tell me you're just sightseeing.

Sora: Well we were following the Heartless around and then we saw this new world. we got a weird reading from it and then our ship kinda... um... well. Crashed here. It is a pretty cool town though.

Kuwabara: Heartless? What the heck is that?

Sora: You guys never heard of them?

Yusuke: Yeah. Does it have a heart? *snickers*

Sora: Um... Yea. ._. Kinda

Kuwabara: Well I ain't no grammar genius, but why the -less if they have one?

Kurama: No, I'm afraid I've never heard of it as a noun before

Sora: I've been kinda wondering that too. haha. ^^''

Kuwabara: Ew! What's that black thing behind you?!?!? SPRIT SWORD! *strikes it* WHAT? It didn't do nothin'?!

Sora: They steal people's hearts. There little-- What? *turns, summons keyblade and strikes*

Kuwabara: O.O *stares at keyblade*

Hiei: What is that ridiculous thing you call a weapon?

Sora: What this? It's my Keyblade, it release the hearts in the Heartless.

Kurama: Releases their hearts?

Sora: Yeah, you see when a person is attacked by the Heartless not only their hearts get stolen, but they turn into Heartless.

Yusuke: And what exactly is this "Heartless?"

Kurama: I believe that black creature Kuwabara tried to get rid of was a Heartless.

Sora: Yeah, that was a heartless. What kind of weapon was that anyway? If you don't mind me asking that is. ^^'

Kuwabara: Oh this? *swings the yellow sword-form of energy around* This is my nifty slicin' and dicin' spirit sword! It's made of my pure energy man!

Sora: Oh Cool! All energy?

Yusuke: You mean your flashlight, Kuwabara?

Kuwabara: Oh it's not like your puny popgun!

Yusuke: Oh yeah!

Sora: Popgun?

Kurama: Well I use my energy to manipulate plants. *pulls out a normal rose then waves it into a long rose whip*

Sora: Wow, really? How did that, how did you do it?

Yusuke: *glares at Kuwabara* My "popgun" called my Spirit Gun. I'll try it out on Kuwabara if you want a demonstration . . .

Kuwabara: Bring it on! BATTER UP!

Kurama: ^^;;; Let's not be hasty...

Hiei: Would you two stop being idiots?

Sora: Uh... I think I should pass. ^^' Haha, you two remind me of Riku and I. Haha!

Kuwabara: Which two? and who's Riku?

Sora: Hah-Oh. He's a friend of mine back home that I've been looking for. Oh Maybe you've Seen Him! He's about this Tall *Reaches up past him* has Silver hair and he always tries to act real cool!

Kuwabara: *stares at Kurama*

Yusuke: Fox boy?

Kurama: ^^; I'm pretty sure he's not referring to me.

Kuwabara: Hey Kurama, turn fox form, maybe you are who he's looking for.

Sora: What? It's fine. You probably haven't seen him then. It's fine. Fox form though? You guys aren't just normal people are you?

Kuwabara: Heh heh, not to brag, but not everyone can have a sweet sword like this!

Kurama: It is true that we're...unordinary...I use to be the legendary fox demon Yoko. Currently however, I'm in this human body.

Sora: D-demon? Like in stories?! Are you guys sure you've never heard of Heartless before?

Kurama: ^^; Well we're not all evil ^^; You can be assured that neither Hiei nor I will terrorize you.

Hiei: Probably.

Kurama: These Heartless wouldn't by chance travel in groups would they?

Sora: They can. Most do. If you guys have to go you can. I should go find more of them and try to cut this world off.

Kuwabara: Oh, okay...if ya gotta

more heartless sprout up and surround the group

Sora: Watch Out!

Kuwabara: Wah~ Holy cow!

Sora: *grabs his keyblade and swings at a group* They hide In the ground and pop up, you can only hit them when they are out.

Yusuke and Hiei do stuff

Kurama: That is good to know... *wait's for Heartless to emerge before dashing them to bits with his whip*

Sora: Hey, Yusuke! Behind you! *attacks them more*

Yusuke: Thanks, man!

Kuwabara: *swings sword around willy-nilly*

Sora: Did we... get them all?
Kuwabara: *still swinging* Did we get em all yet?

Kurama: I do believe we may have been victorious

Sora: Is everyone okay?

Kuwabara: Yeah, I'm okay *panting*

Kurama: As am I *turns whip back into a rose and hides it in his hair*

Yusuke: My limbs are still attached to my body, so yeah, I guess.

Kuwabara: And short-stack still looks like he's in one piece...

Hiei: And you're about to be in pieces.

Sora: That was a lot of them. *breaths hard a bit* I haven't seen a group of them that big in awhile. Thanks for the help, I couldn't do it alone.

Kurama: We should be thanking you. The battle would have proved difficult had you not shown up ^^

Sora: heh, ^^

Sora: Probably not, you guys could have done it. I bet. ^^ I haven't seen anything like the weapons you guys used in any of the worlds I've been in. There really Cool!

Kuwabara: Haha, well, I know my sword is pretty impressive!

Sora: It is weird how you can just use energy. But... as in a cool way! ^^

They bid their farewells and Sora continues to find the heart of the world on his own so the former demon thief doesn't decide to steal it...


I think my favorite part was when everyone was staring at Kurama, thinking his fox demon form was the Riku Sora was looking for ^^
Another trivia tidbit connection is that in English, Kurama's Voice Actor is John Burgmeier who also voices Eyes Rutherford, who Riku looks exactly like (I say Eyes and Riku in that order because Square Enix had Spiral before Kingdom Hearts)

RP Professor

As Raine Sage (hope that doesn't spoil my secret identity) I've been recruited as a teacher, teaching elf magic. It looks like the others are posting their IDs here, so I thought I would too~

External Image

Don't know if people still ever check out my blogs, so I hope this doesn't spam anybody ^^ (lack of comments since MyO switched to VV TheO I think has seriously detered my motivation to write...) If you'd like to join as a teacher or student then contact DN or Chero about joining ^^ I hear we need more males at the academy, so if you're male you should look into it ^^ I should crack down in my Raine character and start fireballing any of the girls who think to abuse bishies, so it will be a safe enviroment to dwell