Art Challenge - Life as a Harvest Moon character

I'm doing an informal art challenge! Informal, as in, I'm doing it at whatever pace I feel like doing it, not necessarily doing a drawing a day or anything. Been wanting to do it for awhile, and now I've got the time so here we go! Follow along if you want, or don't and just leave me to do my little silliness alone. Either way I think it will be fun!

1. Introduce Yourself!
Are you the farmer, or one of the villagers? What do you look like? Likes and dislikes? Give us a few details about yourself!

2. Your Loyal Companion
Many of these games have you starting off with a pet – or adopting one later. What kind of critter is following you everywhere? A dog? A squirrel? A monster?

3. Daily Life
What are some of the things you do every day? Do you garden? Tend animals? Run a little shop? Do your “normal things” change with the seasons?

4. True Love
Are you married? Have your eye on one of those attractive neighbors? Show us your love interest, and a little bit about them!

5. At Home
Who do you live with? Your parents and siblings? That true love of yours? Some wild and crazy children? Or nobody at all? Show a scene from inside your farmhouse! (Or your townhouse.)

6. Friends and Neighbors
Who are some of your favorite NPCs to interact with, or ones you deal with most frequently? [If you have a lot of these to draw – extended family, coworkers, neighbors, etc. – split this prompt up and take all the time you like! A week, if you must. ;) ]

7. Festival
Every one of these games has fun contests, races, and festivals at various times of the year. What is one of your favorites?

8. Cutscenes From Your Past
What are some significant cutscenes that you've already triggered? They can be happy or sad – but ones that are memorable, and probably changed the course of your game forever.

9. Cutscenes From Your Future
What's a significant cutscene that you're trying to trigger, or hope to someday, but you haven't quite gotten there yet? (Time to pull up the walkthroughs and figure out how to do it....)

10. In Your Pocket
What can usually be found in your rucksack? Berries? Watering can? Fishing pole? Flowers? Your imagination is the limit!

11. Time to Explore!
What's an interesting location to check out in your game? What makes it special? What do you do there?

12. An Important Lesson
As a wee squirt playing Harvest Moon 64, I learned never to throw rocks down the well. You can't ever get them back, and they're much sturdier fencing than the wooden posts! What's something you've learned since you started your game?

13. Magic
Even if it's in the background, every one of these games has an element of magic to it – water sprites, enchanted tools and weapons, goddesses.... What's the magic like in your game?

14. Wild card!
Last picture! Thanks for doing my silly art challenge. Draw whatever fun thing from your game that you'd like! :D