Ramblings nobody wants to read, Secret Santa wishlists, unexplained herd of Waluigis, and anything else that won't fit in my more organized worlds. Enjoy! Or don't. :P ;)

Everything is Happening at the Same Time!

Where to begin...? I guess it all started to get crazy at the beginning of the month. My husband got sick - he thought it was COVID but couldn't get a positive test - and only got worse and worse for a good two weeks. Four ER visits and like seven doctors appointments later, we're thinking it was some kind of bug and then a lack of sleep and a stress overload really knocked him down, but it's still unclear. At least he's doing slowly but steadily better now.

While he was sick, his dad went missing and was found dead in the woods. (No foul play, and he was old, but still a shock.) We had a bunch of extended family in town for the funeral, and my sister-in-law is still here. Nice gal; I haven't gotten much chance to get to know her before now and it's been nice hanging out with her.

With my father-in-law gone, my aging mother-in-law has asked me and my husband to move in with her. She doesn't think she can run the household alone, plus she's super lonesome, so we're working on moving all our stuff up to her house. Our dog and her dog are having a blast running around together! And we're all enjoying being together more. But clearing out all my father-in-law's things and bringing in all of ours has been pretty hectic.

Also, we had a hard frost and most of the garden died, and we're scrambling to get all the produce out. I've got like a hundred pounds of green tomatoes... that's not even an exaggeration. It's ridiculous! If anybody has ideas for what to do with them, I'm all ears.

Also also, my computer just died tonight. It will be interesting figuring out how to post OCtober pictures... but I do intend to post them, even if they're late.

Thanks for bearing with my ranting and raving!

My First Convention!

I'm just trembling with excitement right now, guys. Have always thought it'd be awesome to go to some big video game convention, E3, ComicCon, whatever, but I live in a rather remote area and never had the opportunity to do it. But that changes this weekend! They're having a "mini comic-con" at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI, and while it's still a bit of a drive, it's close enough that I'm gonna go. No idea if anybody else on this site would be going, but if you are, it'd be cool to meet you IRL! I'm going to be cosplaying as Midna from Legend of Zelda... might post pictures on here but we'll see. You know how it goes when you're doing something exciting, the camera tends to be forgotten in the moment.

For those of you that don't know about Legend of Zelda, here's a picture of Midna....

WordGirl Fanfic Concept Art #3

No, she's not by herself because I like her more! (Even though I do.) I just ran out of space on the last page!

WordGirl Fanfic Concept Art #2

Bunch of other peeps I'm drawing and/or redesigning for the hypothetical comic strip idea.... Enjoy!

Concept Art - Stef & Sara

Been working on a little concept art for a WordGirl fan comic that I will probably never do that I've been thinking about drawing out. The story idea is a bit dark for WordGirl, but I know there are a lot of folks out there that wouldn't mind that.

These two ladies are OCs invented back in ye olden days when I was like twelve, and they've managed to survive this long without becoming super duper cringey, like a lot of my WordGirl OCs did. They do, however, fit neatly into a classic novice OC-making stereotype: they're related to a canon character. In this case, they're Dr. Two-Brains' sisters - Stephnie's the oldest and Sara's the youngest, with Two-Brains in the middle. Like Two-Brains, Stef has a mouse brain, but Sara has a cat one... which will probably make for some awkward family reunions, to say the least.

I'm aware that's not how you spell "Stephanie", but that's how it was spelled in 2010 and I'm not changing it now.

Still on the fence about the art style I'd want for this hypothetical comic. I'd either draw it in a semi-authentic WordGirl art style, or do my standard hybridized manga style. If anybody has a preference, I'd love to hear it!