Ramblings nobody wants to read, Secret Santa wishlists, unexplained herd of Waluigis, and anything else that won't fit in my more organized worlds. Enjoy! Or don't. :P ;)

Random personal info:

I'm 25, married, and expecting my first little person this fall (2023)! Yay! This also means I'll probably stop being so active online this fall, but that's a price I'm willing to pay for smol bebes. Still love you all!

I've also joined Tumblr now! But TheOtaku will always be my home base.

Have fun wandering the wonderful world of a weirdo.

BlueVanguard Concept Sketches

I had a REALLY hard time deciding which of BlueVanguard's wishlist requests to draw.... Here is some quick sketching I did while trying to figure it out. I think the runner-up to my final choice was Hojo and Izuka, but I feared that my art style wouldn't do their evil wrinkled faces justice. X) Enjoy!