Rebirth of the soul!

To find your way back to your life and spirit,
You need to know your fault.
The hardest part is to recognise,
How the compassion was lost.
Was it death or was it life,
Jealousy, hate, maybe trying to right a wrong?
A life is to short to lay a wasting,
So fix your broken sky.
Then to finally live a soulful life,
break open your own heart.
So then find your compassion and purpose
and your happiness will never part.

Awesome challenge Rebirth of the Soul~! This poem was great fun to make~!
Anyway hope you guys find your way and don't think of stealing this or I may have to get my invisible lawyers on to you.XDAny way hope you like

Chapter 1 part 1

I was stomping through the blistering snow, trying to get a way from this world of fantasy, trying to wake up from this horrible nightmare. If only it was a nightmare I would just be able to wake up but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. So I put all my effort into escaping faster but I was epically failing. I had never had good balance and the snowstorm didn’t help. I could hear their footsteps. They were catching up but before I give away the ending I should start at the beginning.