Hmm about me, I'm a long time fan of anime and video games. However I really didn't have a way to go online so I have to thank my cousin who is on here as xaos for helping me out here. Um, as for favorite anime I love DBZ, Saiyuki, Naruto, Bleach, Tenchi Muyo, Saint Seiya. Couple more. Anyway I also draw and can take requests.

Might finally get my own internet

I haven't been on a lot because I don't have my own internet, I've been piggybacking off my cousin's internet to see my messages and stuff. I saw that card you made Angel Zakuro that was nice of you to do for my cousin. I think I'll finally get internet myself soon though. Oh yeah and I turned 20 last week. Hooray.

So here I am

Well, I finally joined theotaku. I really didn't have a way to go online before but now I do and my cousin xaos was kind enough to set everything up for me. Well now that I am here I guess I should start going off and exploring and uploading some artwork here.