Work to Win

My palms were sweaty as I gripped the edges of the console in my hands, and my thumbs had circles and lines seemingly permanently pressed into them. Then, I hit my knee. I swore at that minute I looked exactly like this:

At that very minute, I was the very embodiment of Konata from Lucky Star. I'd lost. To my very best friend. I felt like crying, pretty much. I'd. Lost. I couldn't believe it. I'd been having a very good streak of luck, right? Why did it have to end now?
I'd just beat the Elite Four and two gym leaders. I'd caught Heatren and trained it to level 100 for this fight. Why did I have to lose? It sucked. I set the Nintendo DS on the ground, and growled. I didn't get it. How could it add up that I'd lost? I was surely in a better position than my friend was. I sighed. Cynthia was supposed to be the toughest. I'd beaten her on my first try. My team was stocked with my highest level legendaries and my starter Pokemon, tricked out with the wickedest moves. Killer moves. All that day, anyone who dared to challenge me went down on the first hit. I sighed. And then, I realized, they were meant to be beaten. I was meant to destroy them with ease. Plus, I had stocked my team well:
LV 100 Empoleon
Hydro Pump
Hydro Cannon
Grass Knot
Flash Cannon

LV 91 Giratina
Shadow Force
Earth Power
Aura Sphere
Shadow Claw

Lv 89 Cresselia
Aurora Beam
Future Sight
Physcho Cute

LV 100 Heatran
Magma Storm
Stone Edge
Heat Wave
Earth Power

LV 95 Spiritomb
Shadow Sneak
Faint Attack
Dark Pulse
Sucker Punch

LV 99 Lugia
Sky Attack
Hydro Pump

They had no chance in hell. I'd made sure that I could destory them, had I not? What about my poor, poor LV4 Starly I hadn't used? It was rusting in my box, just waiting to be used. I ought to level it up.
So take it from me. The NPCs are meant to be destroyed. If really want to be deemed a "Pokemon Master", you have to boot up Wi-Fi connection and search the ends of the Pokemon globe for an opponent. Someone who actually exists behind the screen. Maybe, instead of blowing through the game, they'll pose a challenge. There's going to be someone out there better than you. You have to work to win.