Bloody Nose

Well after being screamed at by Estelle and watching her storm out the door I was kind of surprised. Actually I had no idea how I ended up in her bed room to be honest. I scratched my head and looked around and walked over to the window. It was morning already. So I opened the shades and looked outside. It was pretty bright but it was really beautiful too. It looked warm. Maybe today I could head back into town to get my jacket. I turned around and looked at the room. There was so many stuffed animals and tons of pink stuff in it. It made me chuckle since I figured Estelle was the most girly of the three. I went over to grab my stuff off the floor and slipped my shoes back on. I saw my shirt on the other side and picked up; as I did that there was something that fell out of it when I put it on. I picked it out of my shirt and looked at it. It was a pair of pink teddy bear underwear. I just held onto it for a second on till it hit me and all the blood rushed to my head. I threw the underwear behind me and ran out the door.

I was having a nose bleed or something. As I ran back towards the males area, I passed Hoom and Hon who both looked at me strangely. Oh I hope they didn't think anything of it but I couldn't help but panic when I saw the pink underwear. I mean they were cute with those ruffles and that little ribbon in the front. Without noticing I ran into an open door and fell backwards.

"AWWW DAMN!" I yelled as I hit the floor. I sat up quickly to see who was behind the door. It was the doctor, that Ninetales.

"Oh I am terribly sorry. Are you alright?" He said looking down at me. "You look a bit red and your nose is bleeding can I help you?"

I was embarassed enough already but managed to mutter "yes" to him. He gave me a bag of ice as I sat on the floor and put it on my head. Then he had me blow as hard as I could into a cleanix to get some of the blood out. After about 5 minutes the bleeding had stopped and I turned back to my usual color.

"Aww there we go." He smiled. "I hope you will be alright. I again am sorry for not looking when opening my door."

"No no it's my fault!" I told him waving my hands. I chuckled at my clumsiness. I than got on one knee and pushed myself up. "Well thanks again doc." I waved to him and headed to the stairway.

My stomach began to crawl and I sat on the railing...

"Sounds like breakfast time!" I smirked and jumping on the railing and slide down to the 1st floor.

Once I got to the first floor I jumped in the air and did a back flip and landed on two feet. Ha! Yeah I was good, but my stomach was still growling so I sniffed the air and headed to the kitchen. I was rather content with myself even with what happened earlier but whatever Estelle could get over it. I eventually came to the kitchen which was actually very nice with a huge stove, microwave, and FRIDGE!!! It even had an island to sit at with a dining table near by where the sunlight was shining in. I headed over to the fridge and grabbed the milk. My throat was so dry and mil sounded like the best thing besides, it takes a lot to build a strong body like mine. I opened it up and sniffed it, actually it was brand new and was fresh from the Milktanks. I was happy since fresh is the best. I guess I didn't even remember that this was my own home and forgot to pour it into a glass I just began to chug it from the milk carton.

When it hit the back of my throat it was delicious. It reminded me of when I was young with my dad and how he always gave me milk after a training session with him. My mom would always go buy it right before I was done with dad. I smirked at my memories. I again chugged a bit more of the milk from the carton

"HEY! Don't drink it like that!" I heard a voice from the door way.

I turned to it and saw Estelle there pointing her finger at me. I licked my lips from the milk that remained.

"Oh? And what are we gonna do about it Miss Estelle?" I said sarcastically shaking the milk carton at her. "You should be nice and eat breakfast with me." I smiled at her and she looked down.

She looked up and blushed but shook her head.

"I'm sorry. I didn't even know I was in your room." I said to her softly. "At least let me make it up to you. Can I make you breakfast or something?"

"You can't cook!" She snarled. "I doubt you can."

I only smiled at her and grabbed a few things out of the fridge. "Why of course I can! I have been on my own for a long time and have learned how to cook many things. So how about some omelets?"

She looked at me with disbelief and sat down. "Alright prove me wrong hot shot!" Estelle said grinning.

"Aright." I replied with my head cocked to the left and a smile.

After breaking the eggs I used my speed to chop up the green peppers, and onions along with some pork and beef. I prepared the cheddar cheese and began to cook in front of her. Her eyes widen with what I could do. After some time the egg was ready and I flipped it in the air and did a few tricks for her. She giggled but I was only there for her entertainment. But before she knew it I had a perfectly stuffed omelet in front of her covered in melted cheddar cheese. It was almost as big as the plate. I even made some hashbrowns for her on the side.

"Well it looks good, but does it taste good." She went to grab her fork but accidently missed and it fell on the floor. "Oops!"

I watched her and she leaned down to get it. Than I noticed her underwear again. They were the same pair I had held earlier. My head felt heavy again and all the blood rushed to my face. I than fell backwards with another nose bleed. I turned away when she sat back up.

"Hehehe 10 second rule." She chuckled and began to eat the omelet. "Oh wow this is delicious! I didn't believe you Lux you really know how to cook."

She was smiling at me and I had my hands over my face.

Why was I turning red? I mean i know she is cute and all but my god that entire incident is killing me. I thought to myself. I feel like such a pervert I didn't mean for it to happen. What do I do?

I couldn't face her I just kept looking the other way while she giggled and continued to eat, and yet my heart was ponding like it once did before. But this seemed familiar, like it happened before. I don't remember when but it was years ago. Why was Estelle reminding me of something that happened a long time ago. Well it didn't matter, I just couldn't get over how cute she was. I grabbed the milk and chugged it down to relax me hoping she would enjoy the rest of my food without noticing me being beat red...


hehehe sorry but couldn't resist being a bit perverted....its me not Lux okay!!! >:3 Its funny gotta be creative!!!