Lux was enjoying his dream on the couch of the mansion. He actually began to giggle and toss and turn, than the sounds of his stomach made him sit up, however, he was not awake. He slowly brought his body up off the couch and began to walk, however, to him he was having a wonderful dream. He quietly walked towards the steps and headed upstairs holding onto the railing. Once he reached the top he headed towards the bed rooms. As he continued the Duskull boy appeared out behind a wall and approached him.

Sheko walked towards Lux and stood against the wall as Lux passed him. Sheko than turned to watch Lux continue his way to the wings.

He shrugged and said, "Well that was creepy, even for me and I'm a ghost type!"

Sheko than went along with his business in the opposite way of Lux.

Lux finally reached the division of the two wings and headed to the right but bumped into a table which caused him to turn the opposite way.

"Damn you Hon. Always getting in my way!" He muttered as he pushed the table back into the wall with a ton of force causing it to break in half. "Take that runt! I always win the last cupcake!" He chuckled a bit and slowly walked towards the girls division of rooms.

All of a sudden his ears twitched. He jumped up and held onto the sealing. His eyes were still closed but he looked down. In his dream he saw carrots coming at him and he had jumped into a tree to avoid. "Damn red heads!" He said under his breath. However, though he has imagined it to be carrots, in reality it was Hon heading back to his room quickly after meeting with Lupe. Lux than landed on both of his feet and whipped the sweat off his forehead. "Good I avoided them." He than walked up to the door and knocked on it.

"Hello cupcakes!" He whispered. He smelt the air near the door. "Yuck you don't smell like cupcakes. You smell like garbage." He spit on the door and continued walking down the hall.

As he slowly trended threw the halls, he heard voices within some of the rooms not knowing that some of the ladies were still awake.

"Gah! Stop talking back you you ugly nasty brocolli, I like cupcakes better!" He slurred as he bumped into another table knocking over a vase. "Okay okay I get it, I will eat you later. After I have some lovely cupcakes and doughnuts and ramen!"

He waved his hands and hugged the lamp. He than tripped over the rug next to him and began to cry.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean it when I called you ugly. But I did mean nasty!" He cried. "WAHHHH! No I didn't mean nasty either! Please forgive me!"

He than bolted down the hall with an Extreme Speed and ran into the farthest room on the left to escape the brocolli in his dream.

"Ha! You can never catch me in here!" He smiled and locked the door. He was still very much asleep and turned around from the door.

As he headed toward the bed he kicked his shoes off and threw his shirt to the side. He gently sat on the edge of the bed and curled up at the end.

"Ahh my lovely cupcake you feel so soft like a pillow. I could just fall asleep. I win...." He whispered as he fell even into a deeper sleep.

His sleep walking had finally come to and end along with his sleep talking. He made himself comfortable at the end of the bed not realizing he was sleeping at the feet of the sleeping Estelle.


Well since no one added him into their stories I thought I would do something totally random and funny. Since Estelle was asleep I thought I would go with it. Hehehe I can't wait to see what happens. Though Estelle probably will like idea hahaha lol <,<

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