PGR Weekly Report

Hello everyone. It is I, Nellie, with the PGR Weekly Report! (A new thing I decided to do! :D) *Pokemon theme song plays*


Lupe: Good Afternoon everyone and Happy February. It is Monday, February 1, 2010. I am Lupe the Lopunny. And we have a few things to discuss today.

Now, WE ARE RANK 7! Great job gijinkas. Tell me why we were ranked 8 on Saturday, then we moved down to 10 on Sunday?? Some bullshxt, I tell ya. But lucky for us, we are 7 now & we are working our way to the top. We will soon be number 1! Heard that DeidaraNarutoClan?? *laughs evily* >:D

In other news.... Valentine's day is coming up soon... AND I STILL HAVE NO GUY! LIKE WHAT THE *beep*! WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET A BOYFRIEND?? DO HENTAI??? I'LL DO IT IF I HAVE TO! *begins to strip* *continuous ranting*

Me: =3=U ... SECURITY!

Security: *pulls out giant cane and drags Lupe out*

Me: *walks to the PGR Weekly Report desk and sits* Sorry about that guys... heh heh... IN OTHER NEWS! Remember, your berry points are there for a reason. GO TO THE PGR POKE STORE TODAY AND BUY SOMETHING YOU MIGHT LIKE! ^^ If someone would help me in getting more stuff into the store that would be nice. So... any ideas?

And this across my mind, for the fans of yaoi/yuri... should we do it in this club?? I know, I know, I know. But think about it.... I DON'T KNOW! I wanted to get all of your opinions on it... It will be pretty fun... *shots*

Oh yeah, NEW CHARACTER PROFILES FROM EVERYBODY! Since we all have new outfits and new personalitlies and such... we should post up our new profiles. And Eneko.... won't you be a doll and... make chibis for all of the members for us PWWWEASSSSEEE??? *puppy dog eyes* I'm trying to make this club close to perfect. :3

That is all til further notice. Thanks for watching. This has been PGR WEEKLY REPORT. Good night! *Pokemon Theme song plays*

~Lupe and Nellie