Can you picture growing up without a family? I remember it like it was yesterday, family, friends....I heard screaming...I remember, when I was stabbed protecting Hoom I awoke chained up by the bounty hunters. I recall them saying he will be the perfect test subject since he is completed the 3nd stage of Shinx. I was drowsy in so much pain, I felt the needle prick me and inject me with some sort of virus. I just looked at the scientists and everything was a blurr....screaming....I still hear it....blood from when my family was killed, laughter from being made fun of, battling to protect myself from others, I was a kept getting louder. I was surrounded by darkness. I looked up and saw an Espeon there screaming in pain. I have to recollection of her...wait....

"Lux come back to us we need you!" She screamed being dragged by the foe.

I saw him, a dark shadow pulling her into the darkness.

"Lux! Lux! LUX!!!!" She cried until there was nothing.

I don't know her....who care's...

You're the real deal! Tehehe! You have a lovely tail. I hope to see you around. She said as she winked at the contest hall. My name is ..........

I remember this but why does her lips move when she says her name can't I hear it....who.....who is she?


My body felt it, warmth, my memories, Hoom and the others....

"Es.....ESTELLE!!!" I screamed....

Darkness covered everwhere.....


Estelle mind was dragged back into her body. When she awoke she was being choked by Lux.

"That was a nice try girl! But it won't work." He said smirking while digging his claws into her neck. "I am gonna break your neck along with destroying your air ways."

"Please stop!" She cried, tears began to run down her face and her breathing began to weaken. She tried grabbing his hand to let her go but she was weakening....all of a sudden her hands fell to her sides. "Lux...."

"HA HA HA HA!!! DIE YOU BITCH!!!" He began to laugh extacticly. "Now see you in hell....ARGH!!!"

He let her go and she fell to the ground gasping for air. She looked up and saw Lux grabbing his head walking side to side screaming in pain.

"Estelle...." He whispered.

She sharpened her claws while still gasping for breath. He looked at her and she was shocked. His left side of his face was still covered in tattoos while the other side was normal. His eyes looked as gently as they did before and tears ran down his face.

"Estelle, get up!" He said struggling to hold himself.

"LUX!" She jumped up and said. "Is that you?"

"Damn it GO TO...." He yelled fighting with himself...."Estelle, yes but I can't hold this!!! AHHH!!"

He was in pain clearly trying to hold the dark side in.

"Estelle please just listen. I have enough power to hold him steady for a few minutes..."He cried. "I know I have done some terrible things. Please....forgive me.....I've hurt so many of you. Please kill me! Its your only choice."

He began to walk towards her. "Go Now and get the others! I will...agh...hic....ahhh....I'll come to you. Attack me as a single unit...I will hold him so I won't fight back. Please do this...I don't want to see anymore pain or hurt anymore. I can't let you all die." He began shivering screaming once again and went to attack her but stopped right in front of Estelle. "GO NOW!"

She cried and ran off to the others....He slowly following fighting with the demon inside him....


Ok guys continue this for awhile! It may or may not be enough!!! :D Estelle hope its okay!!