Equal Battle Field

Others had arrived on the scene where many were injured from Lux yet a new battle force had appeared in front of him. Now Estelle was there to fight like the powerful cat she was and Lux was getting even more excited. She got on all fours and hissed at him.

"Oh! Scary!" He sarcastically said. "You're a brave one but you will die like that damn dog over there!"

She attacked him and each were dodging and blocking each others blows. She would use a psybeam and he would counter with a thunderbolt. He than appeared behind her and kicked her through a tree.

"I won't lose you bastard!" She screamed as she turned to him, however, he he was gone.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty!" He said behind her mocking her. He waved for her to come to where he was at.

At that point Estelle lost it and became extremely pissed from that statement.

"You're dead!" She yelled as she jumped towards him. All he did was sit in his tree branch and smiled at her. But as soon as she got close, he disappeared. "Damn it where are you?"

"Right here!" He whispered into her ear while grabbing her tail in midair. "I wonder if all cats land on four legs?" He than swung her around and threw her, lucky for her she did land on all fours. He than shrugged and said, "well I guess they do!"

He than landed before her and whipped the blood from his lips. He looked at her ready for more. The other Ginjikas were of no importance to him at this point and Estelle noticed it

He hasn't attacked any of the others. Estelle thought to herself. He must only be interested in me since I am able to give him a decent battle. I have no idea what is wrong with him but I do know he is the real thing. I didn't want to use this but I have no choice.

All of a sudden Estelle started using double team and before Lux knew it there were 5 cat girls in front of him. His eyes grew impatient and deadly along with his grin. As quick as they appeared they disappeared in front of him. He patiently watched his surroundings and closed his eyes, one of her clones attacked him and he hit her and she disappeared into smoke. He began running threw the forest and dodged another cat girl.

"Hmm this is rather interesting what you are doing. But there are now 2 gone and 3 to go. What would happen if I attacked some of your friends?" He than turned and built up enough energy threw an extreme speed thunder bolt around him ready to hurt anyone that got in his way. But as he turned....

"NOT SO FAST!" Estelle screamed as she came out of the ground from using a dig. "You let your guard down!!! PSYCHIC!!!

"DAMN!" He yelled as he got hit from the below him. That Psychic sent him flying threw the trees landing head first into the ground with a few flips before stopping face down in the dirt.

"Did I get him?" Estelle asked herself.

The Duskull girl than appeared next to Estelle. "Are you okay?" She had asked looking up and down the Espeon.

Estelle nodded though her dress had been torn a bit and she was bleeding from battle wounds she got with her fight with Lux. Both girls smiled at each other. However a huge powerful darkness came over them.

Estelle turned and saw Lux standing up looking back at her and this new ghost.

"But....but how? That was dead on!" She said to herself.

Lux looked at her with anger but than looked at himself and took his torn jacket off and threw it to the side. He than took one of his hands and brushed it threw his hair. At that moment he looked at Estelle with a murderous smile. "1....2....3..." He counted to himself.

"DAMN IT! RUN!" Estelle screamed as she and the Duskull girl took off at full speed. "We need to gather the others and leave he is planning on using...."

"To late!" He whispered into her ear. "CRUNCH!"

He quickly sunk his teeth into Estelle's shoulder just like he did to Hoom...he than grabbed the Duskull girl and did the same to her. It was super effective on each girl which brought them to their knees.

"Ahhh you look so much better on your knees girl!" He chuckled as he began dragging both of them to the rest of the ginjinkas.

"Don't get cocky!" She yelled as she fought to kick Lux in the balls. He than fell over and coving his private area.

"You little bitch!" He yelled reaching towards her.

She used a sand attack and vacated out of there with the other girl. Moments later she appeared with the others.

"Did you win?" Lupe asked.

"Get ready he is on his way and he won't be happy. I don't have much left yet he seems to never run out of energy!" Estelle exclaimed.

"If you die, it won't be my fault." The Duskull girl said.

"Can you handle it?" Asked Vixy who was still tending to Hon and Hoom along with Kat.

"Yeah we Eevees got this!" Eva laughed but Vixy could tell she was lying because there was a scared tone in her voice.

Melody was getting ready with the man with something.

All of a sudden the entire forest became quiet. Each of the girls took a battle position standing back to back with each other to cover each area not knowing where Lux was going to appear. Off in the distance a song was being song which was coming closer and closer to where the girls were standing.

"Total Slaughter,
Total Slaughter.
I won't leave a single man alive.

La de da de dai,
La de da de duh,
An ocean of blood.

Let's begin the killing time."

Shivers ran down Lupe back. "That's Lux isn't it?"

The song came closer and closer and soon all 4 ladies could see Lux walking towards them dripping in blood dragging his jacket behind him.

"Well at least he can sing!" Estelle joked nervously.

"This isn't the time stupid!" Lupe said.

"Total Slaughter,
Total Slaughter.
I won't leave a single man alive.

La de da de dai,
La de da de duh,
An ocean of blood.

Let's begin the killing time." He sang looking at the girls.

He than used swagger at that moment along with a double team. 4 Lux's appeared in front of the girls.

All the girls became slightly confused but attacked as a single unit.

"That won't work on me!" Estelle screeched. "You're just a copy cat!"

He smiled and grabbed her fist as she came in to hit him. "There is only one problem with that thought. My double team is 4 real Luxrays!" He than used Thunder attack on her and sent her to the ground. Lupe was also blocked and was hit by a thunder fang, Duskull was hit by a crunch, and Eva was hit with a shockwave. Each girl landed ontop of the other. The 3 double team Luxrays disappeared. He began to laugh malevolently once again.

"NOW DIE! DISCHARGE!!!!" He screamed as he threw his arms out and lighting starting hitting the ground in front of him charging to where each of the girls lay. The path of the thunder was to kill anyone and everyone in its way. "See you in Helll....."



OMG I hope that was okay. I added some new moves to Estelle and well Lux as well. Oh and that song if it looks family is the Genocide song from Trigun! I thought it would be a nice touch!

Damn you people 5 posts later in one day! You gotta admit this battle is getting intense from SO many angles!!! *sighs* I can't keep up....BUT I will try. Keep it up I am enjoying this! :D