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Dear Oreo

This is a poem i dedicated to my favorite cookie... oreos!!! i luv them so much that i made a poem about them. This is Freeverse and in letter form!

Dear sweet Oreo,

Oreo, Oreo, where art thou? Oh yeah I remember, you’re in my stomach now. I couldn’t help it, you are just so sweet. It’s the way you love and comfort me. It makes me want to eat you up!
Oreo, Oreo, do you love me? Of course you do and I love you, too. Your creamy filling in the middle is so good and tender and yummy. It is so good… it’s like heaven in my tummy! But your chocolate cookies are so good to me. I wonder how you always make me smile…
Oreo, Oreo… are you seeing someone else? Yes I know who she is, I’m not dumb. The girl you are seeing… her name is Milk! You’ve been dipping in milk behind my back! Oreo, you deserve a pimp-hand slap… but I love you, Oreo. So, I forgive you!
With love inside,
Ladii O