The Story of Me

life is a story to tell and a picture to paint for others to see
this poem is to express the life story of me
as a little girl I laughed with such folly and saw only the good in everything
I used to dream and believe in endless possibilities these things made me sing
then when I lost those childish things to realize the other side of life
the side that made me who I am the side of shadows misery pain and strife
The sun and moon were taken and the light of the stars only emphasized the empty darkness of my making
and I found that the risks I took in my joyous folly weren't worth taking
as the light came back little by little I hid from it because everything that accepts light
obtains the very inescapable potential give way to the darkness and shadow of night
as time passed I let myself enjoy others folly and foolish dreams they cherish as I once had
and now I protect others light as much as I can and try to keep them away from anything bad
my nick name Warrior Rose explain much of this story for as warrior knows much pain and suffering that comes from the fight
and a rose of the fairest beauty the one that is painted blood red and exalts the heavens blossoms in the dead of the darkest night
and a rose with such beauty and pain learns it's thorns to wield
much like that of a warrior uses her sword and shield
the warrior fights through the pain survives all to fight for the joy and peace of others until they die
and that my friends is the perfect discription of the story of me myself and I



when people tell me I'm worthless I believe their words
and I know they don't realize that they cut my heart with tongues like swords
have you ever felt that way like you'll always be a no body lost in the shadows of this life
just as afraid of happiness and joy as you are of pain and strife
sometimes I wander if it's all worth it all we go through as we walk life's road then I begin to feel as though a curse upon me hath been bestowed
but as the darkness comes in I come to realize the beauty of the all the good things that are to come and those that are
and I realize that not all my hopes and dreams are like the the brightest star in the dark of night that's what they really are
knowing this helps me get through the times when nothing goes right
so if your hurt and feel like you're all alone just keep dreaming and hold on tight