Hello and welcome to this musical paradise!

I am your hostess, Mia and these are a couple things you should know about me and this world.
I love music.I can play 3 instruments the piano,violin,and flute, so I have a strong attachment to music of all types. I will mostly post videos and pictures of vocaloids, Bands, and instumental preformances.Vocaloids mostly.
I hope you enjoy your time here!

Black Kiss

If anyone shares this passion with me and would like to guest post, feel free to pm me.

This song is panda hero by Iroha Nekomura


KYA~!!! Recently, Aoki has been released~! She sounds super kwaiiz~!!! Just listen! Oh, and these aren't demos BTW. ...

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Catch of the day

Yeah heres a song that I found for the day. I hope you like it

Soul eater Repeat show openings and endings

Okay In japan the anime Soul Eater is replayed all the time. So they decided to switch it up an add new openings and endings and call id Soul Eater repeat show. Here are the openings and endings, I will also put up the old ones. repeat op 1...

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MiZKi TeTO ...

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A few meaningful and catchy Vocaloid songs

Here are some nice songs to add to the vocaloid collection.

The Worst Carnival

Monochrome Dream Eater.

The Game of Life

Coffin of Sweet Death