Alicie's Student: Misaki Shimizu

Name:Misaki Shimizu



Apperance: Black hair just above waist level and green eyes. 5'6
weight: 120 wears school uniform on week days but usually wears a white and green T shirt with tight jeans out of school.

Personality: Is a little bit timid to new surroundings but once she feels comfortable she is bright and cheery.She is quick to envy and jealousy when it comes to music and a few other topics but is good at controlling her emotions.
Her spirit is not easily broken.

and class: Darkness, Innocent curiosity

Skills:Enhanced Hearing, Can see in darkness, Meld into shadows, Magic music (small spells)

Weapon:uses a violin and bow that can turn into a Katana

Other: Specialises in playing the piano and violin but due to money issues she cannot pursue the college of her choice.