Welcome to Pandora's Acadamy. Its a "lively" little place with lots to do. The only thing we don't have is a library...yes, well, whatever.

At Pandora you do the same thing, go home, do homework, then go to bed. Every day life. Its what everyone does. But maybe it dosn't satisfy you. Maybe something is lacking. Or you had something but now its gone. Maybe you just want things more intresting. Well what if you wandared upon a secret library in Pandora Acadamy that supposidly didn't exist. And you had a chance to make one wish come true...but with a price.

What It's All About

Elements and Skills

Contract (In Written Form)

Point System

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Misaki Shimizu Alicie Lvl 17
Class: Innocent Curiosity
Aoi Yamazaki Otakugirl150 Lvl 30
Class: Shadows 2

Airi Takami Rosie Chan Lvl 33
Class: Seraphym 2

Aibori Dumbrinsky Cookie Monstress Lvl 14
Class: Raven

We ALSO need some big, tall ROCKY compition here under this spirit!!! SHOW SOME LOVE PEOPLE!!!!!!! - ZtG

Oz Hale RedWolves Lvl 22 UPDATE
Class: Dynamite

WE Need Some SPASHIN' Character's UNDER these poor, lonly spirits! - ZtG!!!!!!!!

Shinawa Yukina FantasyVocaloid Lvl 5 Probationary
Class: Mist

Matoko Kuromi Full Metal Luka Lvl 10
Class: Dangerously Curious
Bason Watanabe Itachiweasle Lvl 25
Class: Visionary


Nagai Neumi ZelostheGreat Lvl 18
Class: Vile

Now sign the Contract.

First Contest:
Okay! SO the first contest. The goal is to draw a picture of your Chara in their combat outfit. So when their in Pandora, thats what they'll be wearing most of the time. But wait! Theres more~! You also have to draw what their Spirit/Element looks like.

Goal: Draw Chara and Spirit.

Posting pic: All you have to do is add the image on a post and post it in Pandora's Library. Be sure to link it to a new page cause it most likely will be big.

Winners/Prizes: There will be three winners. Sadly you guys don't get medals that go on your profile because this is only a world contest BUT you do get...

1st Place: Gift, 10,000 points (AKA 10 levels. Definetly would be ahead of everyone else.), and a request on a wallpaper or card.

2nd Place: Gift, 5,000 points (AKA 5 levels), and a request on a wallpaper or card.

3rd Place: Gift, 5,000 points (AKA 5 levels)

Guess what! The contest is over!!!!! Now im not going to pick the winners. No no no. That would be unfair. You guys are. Just pm me your vote. You can always switch it if you change you mind. I will not announce the winners untill everyone had voted. Also you can not vote for youself.

Good luck on winning!!!!!
Current submissions: Aoi and Yakan
Yukina and Winter
Aibori and Spirit
Yosuke and Kai
Misaki and Devan (2 Parts)
Airi and Luna


after we walked for awhile we got close enough so I could see where the glow was coming from, it was coming from inside a cave, I slowly walked inside the cave with my hand on my sword ready to draw it if I needed, nothing came out at us so we continued walking, the glow I had seen disappeared and I felt someone grab my arm, they held my arms behind my back and covered my mouth so I couldn't scream, I kicked they're leg and they loosened they're grip just enough for me to get out, I pulled my sword out and turned around to where they were but no one was there, I heard someone behind me and I spun around and put my sword inches away from they're face, but this time it was only oz "whoa!" he said putting his hands up in defense, I took my sword away from his face and looked around, the way we had come in was blocked and I didn't see any other exits, damn my stupidity

Oz: ?

As we swam across the water, I thought I felt something rub my pant leg. But when I had gotten out and looked in it, the water was as crystal clear as ever. Aoi was already walking so I ran to catch up with her. Maybe we should go another way back...
Aoi was staring at something intensely in the distance. I tried to get her attention while we were walking. I clapped my hands and snapped my fingers. I waved my hand in front of her face. She got distracted a bit, but kept staring at something. What was she staring at. After a while, we passed a little pond. In a second I scooped up some water and threw it at her. It didn't really have the desired effect because we were both already wet and drying in the sun and it just made her more wet, but it did get her attention.
"What!" She snapped.
I held out my hands. "You know, why don't we take a break?" I asked, trying not to show the concern in my voice.
"I can go a little longer." She said. I frowned.
"What are you looking at? Why are you focusing so intently on?" I asked. Aoi started walking again. I threw some more water on her.
"A light, thats what!" She raised her voice.
"Oh..." I was less worried but Im not sure its so smart to suddenly see a light and start going after it. Curiousity did kill the cat they say. Oh well.

I don't know how long we walked and I didn't know where we were going. I couldn't see no light or an angel or something like that. But finally Aoi said quietly. "Its right there."

aoi-looking for airi and bason

"i think we'll stay here a bit longer, we'll catch up don't worry" said aibori, "are you sure?" i asked, they nodded and continued fiddling with sticks, "hm...okay, i guess we'll go on ahead" i said, "don't get attacked" said oz as he did his usual smirk, same as always "same to you" aibori replied smirking as well, it's like they're trying to see who can mess with the other the most, i turned around and began walking away with oz following behind, we followed the lake again, we walked for awhile then came to a part of the lake which stretched farther then the rest, something glowed on the other side "we need to find away across" i said, oz looked at me as if i had just turned green "what?" i asked "well why do we need to get across so bad?" he replied, i shook my head "i don't know, i just think we should get to the other side" i said "so we gotta find a way to float across or i'll just jump in and start swimming" i said "lets go to the part that isn't as big and swim across there, then we can come back here on the other side" he said, i nodded and we walked back a bit until the lake got shorter, i immediately jumped in and began swimming to the other side, the water was nice and cold as it was very hot out, i got to the other side and sat on the edge of the lake and tried to get my hair as dry as i could, oz swam across and we got up and began walking again
i'm so sorry i haven't been posting! i got so involved in this other RP i'v been doing on fanpop, i'v been doing it for almost half a year and it's so active i almost never have time, plus i'm better on that one then i am on this one for some reason :p whatever, i'm back! mwahaha!


Bason went off on his own while I hung out around the bath.
I cheered silently to myself. "How awesome is it to find a bath. Just in the middle of nowhere!" I said talking to myself. I ran through the building and appeared on the outside. "Oh Bason. You're awesome finding this place!"
The bath house was completely deserted. But it looked amazing. There was a river where you could swim, several natural pools of water and a big one where the waterfall came crashing down. I started thinking about changing out of my cloths when I wandered around the waterfall. There was a cave. I snuck by getting sprayed and ducked inside. I gasped.
There was another natural pool that was surrounded by glowing crystals. I tested the water. It was warm but not to warm. I laughed out loud. I definetly would have to thank Bason later.
But then I heard a noise. Scritch Scritch I looked around the cavern. Scritch Scritch There it was again. But I didn't see anything. I did a 360 and when I came back to the water a lady was washing some funky looking cloths. She looked up. When she saw me she let off a wierd noise. Then I heard a voice.

Airi...Run! Get out of here!

Fear slowly crept up my spine. Was that Bason? How did he...The lady's eyes turned bloodshot red but when I blinked, she was gone. What was that!

Airi...Run! Get out of here!

There it was again. I called out to Bason then clamped my hand over my mouth. What was I thinking? There might be people here after all! I ran out of the bathhouse and climbed back up the cliff.

Airi...Run! Get out of here!

I choked back a scream.

Bason, your scaring me... Hoping he could hear me, I crouched down and scanned the area, hoping to find any sign of Bason. I didn't seen a thing.

The Cavern Town

Airi grabbed my head and stared at me. "I don't think that's natural.",'she said as she moved my head toward the water so I could see. I looked down and saw green horns on my head. "How did you get those?", Airi asked. "The old man must've done th...

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