pain ch.3

Ch. 3

The next day found Shiin and Narashi alone in the park together after school. It was a nice day really. warm, sunny, with a light breeze, but neither teen could really enjoy it. One was too nervous, while the other was too dep in thought. With a sigh, Shiin broke the silence. "So... what do you want to know?" Narashi was silent for a moment. "will you answer all the questions I ask?" The raven asked curiously. "...all the ones I can.." "alright.. firstly, what the hell happened to your arm?" Shiin laughed nervously. "oh, that? I'm too clumsy for my own good.. some guys broke one of our house's windows a few days ago, and I haven't had time to clean it up. I tripped and accidentally fell on it," ".. you're not lying right?" "of course not!" 'I wish I could tell you the whole truth,' Shiin thought sadly. Narashi looked at him skeptically. 'He's not telling me something. of course, why should he? I've only known him for a few day, and already I'm interigating him!! What's wrong with me? GAH!' "hmm. so how are you feeling?" Shin was caught off guard by the (to him) unusual question. "F-fine... thanks," A light blush dusted his cheeks. "That's goo," silence reigned for a few moments before Narashi began to speak again. "you know.. I really was afraid you were going to die. I mean you looked.. so sick, pained, tired.. it's a relief to see you're alright." Shiin was, again, shocked. "y-you care?" "of course i do!! you're another human being, a companion even! i'm not some unemotional bastard you know! plus, from what i've seen you're a good guy, so why wouldn't i care?!" narashi asked increduosly. a grim smile came over shiin's face before he caught himself and put on his normal carefree one. wanted to distract the red-head, narashi made a suggestion. "hey, it's starting to get hot now, my house is just down the street, you wanna stop theire and get a drink?" shiin blushed a little. "um.. sure.. but i'll have to leave soon," "alright, whatever,' narashi shrugged, standing up. shiin followed his example, and soon both were seated in a kitchen, drinking ice-cold water. the teen quickly finished his. "thanks," he sooner had he said this than he disappeared throught the front door.


The trap was set, everything was ready, pain would not get away this time! and yet.. 'why do i feel like somthing bad's gonna happen?' just as this thought ran through kiba narashi's mind, a streak of scarlet and black flashed across his vission. the plan? keep everyone, save himself, away untill neded. deftly he ran toward the blur, and valuable jewels said blur was aiming for. a growl left the thief's throat. "move kiba, i don't need this tonight!" a smirk made its way to the police chief's face. "why should i? you're a criminal, one that takes what is rightfully other's, and who won't surrender himself to the police!" he lunged at the other man. "so? life's hard, and you gotta do what you gotta do. unfortunately, this is what i've got to do," was that a tinge of sadness narashi saw in the thief's eyes? before he could decide, pain hit the back of his opponent's neck, forcing him into the land of the unconcious. the thief took his prize with sad eyes, and replaced it with his calling card. "i'm sorry," the redhead whispered. then, he was gone.


now that he had enough money, agate shiin could finally pay off his hospital bills. after having removed his outfit, and traded the jewels for cash, he entered the hospital. quietly, he walked to the reception office, and requested to see dr.norphin. the lady behind the desk, with a much too sweet smile to be normal, told him to wait in one of the nearby chairs. so.. well, he did. as he sat in the somewhat quiet room, memories started flashing through his mind's eye. fishing with his father. going to work with him for the first time. saving his sister from bullies. being appalled by what his father did. his mother's loving arms. his father's gurgled, dying words- "hey! why are you here? you didn't hurt yourself again did you?" shiin, jumping slightly, was instantly snapped from his reverie by the so familiar voice. "n-narashi?!" "yeah, now why are you here?" composing himself, shiin replied. "oh, i just need to pay off some bills, and i've known the doctor for years, so i prefer to give it to him personally.. um.. are you alright?" 'i hope he's not here because of me,' "i'm fine! i got in a fight earlier, and the guys wanted me to get checked out before i go to work again," narashi chuckled slightly, " they tend to overeact sometimes," the raven rubbed the back of his head in embarassment. "i see.." 'so it was my fault,' before more could be said, both men were called back. "the doctor's very busy today, so both of you need to go back and see him now please," (1) one of the nurses told them quietly. "um.. alright?" narashi said, not really knowing how else to respond. with a sigh, shiin started ot walk toward dr.norphin's office. quickly catching up, narashi followed. a few minutes later found them in an awkward silence waiting for the doctor. "ah, shiin! good to see you again. mr. kiba good to see you too. so i assume you're here for the usual shiin?" the doctor once he finally arrived. "um.. yeah. er, here," swiftly, shiin handed dr.norphin a thick white envelope. while handing over the package, his sleeve rode up his arm slightly. the doctor's eyes narrowed as he noticed the bandages there, and his smile faded into a worried frown. "what's wrong with your arm shiin?" the brunette doctor asked in a concerned voice. shiin pretended not to hear him, and walked to the door. "i gotta go, bye," the door closed, then shiin was gone. after a moments silence the remaining two began ot talk. "checkup?" the doctor asked off-handedly. "hm? oh, yeah.. you seem to know shiin well." "i should hope so, i've known him since he was about fifteen, although he usually keeps to himself, so i don't know alot about his present life," narashi nodded. "if you don't mind, do you think you could answer some questions for me? i haven't known him long, but he worries me alot," dr.norphin smiled as he listened to the other man's heart. "of course, you seem to care about him, and that's what he need really. i'll anwer what i can, so ask away," narashi was silent as he thought about how best to ask his questions. "has he ever gotten into many fights?" the question suprised the doctor a little, although he could see where this was leading. "no, not as far as i know," the brunette smiled slightly, "and i'm going to guess that you're wondering if i know how his arm may have been injured?" "partially. he said he accidentally fell on some broken glass, but i'm not buying it. *sigh* i don't know why i'm so worried about him either," the doctor's features saddened slightly at this news. "i know how you feel.. but shiin's the kind of person who's good at keeping secrets and won't tell anyone unless he feels it's neccessary. just be patient, he'll tell you when he's ready." "hn," a few moments later, norphin finished, and narashi left. "good at keeping secrets.. huh?" narashi whispered quietly to himself once he exited the hospital.

~at narashi's house~

rapid clicking could be heard throughout the large apartment, all lights out except for in one room, green eyes flitted across information on a computer screen. "*sigh* still nothing i didn't already know," the raven said tiredly, clicking on another search item under 'agate shiin'. more information popped up. "hmm.. honor student.. blah, blah, hm? won first place in a karate championship for japan, huh? that doesn't make sense. he's always so beat up." a thought entered the raven's mind. his eyes widened from it. "he doesn't know the person hurting him does he?" he whispered to himself. after deciding to question the object of his immediate interest later, the screen went black, and the tired officer made his way to bed.
1. alright, i know they would never do this at a hospital, but for my purposes they do. so please don't comment on it if you noticed it^^'

pain ch. 2

Ch. 2
slowly, large chocolate orbs opened and blearilly looked around. their owner was in what seemed to be a small bedroom, and he was in the bed. immediately realizing he had no idea where he was or why he was there, the teen jumped out of bed and went to the window. the door chose that moment to oen. "hey, you're awake! ha, that's a relief, you had me worried... are you ok?" shiin had completely frozen. had he finally been cought? it couldn't be that, could it? "w-where are we, and why are we here?" "this? I brought you to my apartment after you fell unconscious, and your fever went down.. geez, you act like i'm gonna attack you or something! honestly, and i just saved your ass too!" the police chief huffed angrily. a small smile tugged at shiin's lips. "thanks for the help, but i really need to go nwo, later!" with that he left through the window. wait! shiin, you're still injured, and i wanna- oh, forget it!"

~at shiin's house~
silently, agate shiin entered the darkened house, and went up to his bedroom. 'well, so much for work..' just as he was about to enter his room, the phone rang. panicing, he ran to the kitchen (where the phone was located) and quickly answered it. "h-hello?" he asked sofly. "hello, is shiin there?" wait, he knew that voice. "... narashi?!" "oh, hey shiin!" narashi replied happily. "why the hell did you call me?!" suddenly narashi's voice got serious. "I need to talk to you about all your wounds." "tomarrow." "...what?" "i'll talk to you about it tomarrow, bye." then he hung up. 'that better not've woken mom up!' quickly, he walked back to his room, did his homework, and went back to sleep.

pain ch. 1

Sleepily, shiin looked at the man blissfully eating ramen beside him, kiba narashi. he had relatively short, dark-blue hair that was pulled into a short pony tail at the nape of his neck. just as dark as his hair, he had the most exurciatingly beautiful green eyes. when you looked into them, it was like looking into a semi foggy pond, where you could see fish swimming around, but never be really sure if they were there or not. snapping out of his thoughts, shiin rested his head on his hand and began to speak. "may i ask why exactly you've been stalking me all day mr.kiba?" the pale-haired red head asked with a ayown. a nervous chuckled escaped the young polic chief. "heh, heh.. you noticed that did you?" "*sigh* of course i did, baka, it was too obvious not to notice!" 'my arm's starting to hurt..' agate thought worriedly. "well, to tell the truth, i have no idea.." the room seemed to be getting colder, it was getting slightly to breath, and above all, shiin's arm hurt like hell. in an attempt to ease the pain, the teen subconsciously gripped his injured arm. this didn't go unnoticed by his day stalker. "hey, are you ok?" "s-sorry.. i have to go," as he stood up his legs felt wobbly. quickly, shiin left the cafeteria and headed for the old art classroom. 'damn, i don't need this crap now!' he could hear footsteps coming toward the room; everything was getting blurry. "shiin? hey, are you alright? hey!" shiin was on the floor, puting something on his arm. narashi couldn't see because the teen's back was turned to him. "shiin?" catuously, narashi moved toward the now shivering teen. once he reached his fellow classmate, he knelt down in front of him to get a proper look at what was going on. "what's wro-" "GO AWAY!!.. j-just... leave me... alone.." the oldest agate sibling practically begged; eyes shut tight, breathing labored, and face flushed. a large hand found its way to a boiling forehead, only to be slapped away by a slightly smaller one. "my god, you're burning up! you need to go to a hospital. the nurse at least.." "NO!no... doctors... or n-nurses... leave me... alone!" shiin panted. narashi was starting to get angry. "damnit agate! if something isn't done, you could die! and since you won't go to a doctor, at least let me help you!" frustrated, narashi punched a patch of floor near shiin, creating a dull thud. shiin cringed at the sound, and reluctantly stopped arguing. "...ok, do you know why you're sick?" kiba narashi asked softly. not wanting to waste energy, shiin merely grabbed his arm as another wave of pain came over him. swiftly getting the meaning narashi grabbed the boy's arm, none-too-gently, and pulled up the sleeve; a hiss of pain left shiin's mouth as he winced. "my god.." gently the raven unwound the bandages around shiin's arm. "five deep cuts, and multiple scratches... who did this?" even is shiin wanted to, he couldn't have spoken; he'd lost consiousness a few moments ago. "shit!" soon shiin's shirt was removed and used for a towel. the teen had nice muscle form, but his skin was all discolored and scarred from what looked like beating. "what the hell's happened to you?" narashi asked quietly as he cleane the unconscious teens wounds, and attempted to cool his body. his interest was now officially captured.
(srry if the chapters are kinda short^^)


summary: this is the story of 19 year old agate shiin. after his father died he was forced to do whatver he could to keep his family safe. being the only one able to work out of his middle school sister, and cancerous mother, that means making enough money to live comfortably too. through this time he found love, but can he take it? read and find out.

story by: Kitsune Arya

Blood specked, pale-pink hair covered rich, chocolate eyes as the nine-teen year old wrapped his bleeding arm n gawdy white guaze. The teen was currently in a school bathroom, mentally cursing his luck. 'Damn, I have to work tonight too!' After he finished wrapping his wound, the pale-haired man hurried to his first class. This is Agate Shiin. Short for his age, with shaggy, short, pale-pink hair, and deep chocolate brown eyes. In general people thought of him as the good guy, with a good life, that was clumbsy and ended up hurtings himself alot. Of course, that's just the general beleif. In reality he's not clumsy, but graceful, and he sure-as-hell didn't have a perfect, or even semi-perfect, life! But, not like anyone knew, or cared, about what he went through, and that's just how Shiin liked it. That way no one got hurt, including himself. College at the moment was the only place where he had any peace. Even that one peace was starting to fade. What, with the police chief, Kiba Narashi, going to his school. They guy even had all of shiin's classes!! now, why, do you ask, is agate shiin even remotely worried about the police? Well, if you must know, he's a natorious theif that police have been trying to capture for the long six months he's been around, stealing and leaving letters in his wake. He was known as pain, and if he had anything to do about it, that's all the police would know him by.. when he's a thief anyway. So far it'd been pretty easy to keep things like that. Now, don't misunderstand and think shiin wanted to do this, oh now, but he needed alot of money. Him not being out of college yet, the only thing he could think of that he was good at, and could get enough money out of, was thievery. He had a family to take care of, since his father died, and his mother got brain cancer, he was the only one capable of working. He also had a ounger sister in middle school, but she was tood young to get a job with good income. On top of his work as 'pain' he also worked at a local resturaunt part-time. Nervously, shiin walked from his last class of the day, anatomy, to the cafeteria for luch. Well.. not so much for lunch as for some much needed sleep. 'NO!! i can't sleep! not with this guy around! AAAAAGGHH!!!! why is this guy here again?' by 'this guy' agate shiin meant kiba narashi, police chief, on of his worst enemies (now), and one of the few people he found profoundly attractive, and worthy of his admiration. The entire day narashi had been close by. in his classes, if a teacher asked him to go somewhere, narashi would ask to go too. the guy followed him EVERYWHERE! even to lunch!!