Weak one

I went through a weak at this school already. It was a drag mist of the time. Kumiko wasn't always around to make it interesting for me, stupid elf. She drives me crazy! First, she wouldn't take my mana. Then she tested me which was really pushing it. After that she took my mana and had the nerve to leave town the next day. I don't understand that stupid elf.

School has been a drag, I haven't really gone to classes, when I did I was watched all the time. It's tiring to be beautiful sometimes. I took exams though, got a hundred percent, no thanks to that stupid elf. She was just a distraction. She had me worried having to leave so suddenly like she did. I can't win with that woman. I want to be nice and be a gentlemen to her but she freaks out about it every time I try to be. She's so impossible!

On the note of food though, I think I'm going to die at this school. I tried eating the food that they serve here but I couldn't stomach any of it. It was either to sweet or I just didn't like it. I've been living off the apples in the cort yard, but those won't last forever. If I don't find something to eat soon I'm going to start growing week like one of those humans. It's all my accursed mothers falt that I hate them so much. They're week and don't help in anyways anymore. They're the monsters, not us. Aristocrats like myself shouldn't have to hide my true nature because of such petty creatures. They out number us though....so they can hurt us. Stupid humans, I wish they would all just die already and be out of my life.

-neró Ómorfos-

Day one

Today was interesting to say the least. I met a stupid elf, who I learned her name is Kumiko. So she's a native, unlike me. Is to be expected though, she had the voice for it. She was...different. She didn't fawn over me or anything. I decided to befriend her. She has a pretty face, thigh she doesn't really think so. She hides and she's quite. Apparently she cross dresses, as a vampire...and other things I'm going to guess.

She left her note book behind so I took it. I was hoping to maybe learn something, but I didn't. She doesn't keep any kind of notes. At all. I looked through it three times and every last page was blank.

She was the only thing interesting around so I'll stick with her for a little while longer. I think this is going to play out VERY interestingly.

-Neró Ómorfos-