Profile #5: Yuki Ichibi

Used In: Teh Biju Club (now dead)

Name: Yuki Ichibi/Yoshida

Age: Baby(For now) 2 months

Gender: Male

Species: Bobcat and tanuki ((tanuki-cat lolsz XD))

Anime/Manga created for: Naruto

Height: Baby Sized

Weight: 12 pounds

Hair Color: Orange silver and black

Hair Length: down to neck

Hair style: straight

Eye Color: orange and silver

Skin tone: Tan

Scars: None

Piercings: None

Tattoos: None

Full outfit: Baby clothes for the time being ^^

Likes: Tuna, going outside, full moons, his mother, milk, his father, training, watching battles, being strong

Dislikes: bossy people, people who picks on his siblings
Personality: Very cool, hot-headed, he teases his brother Tsuki, thinks he's better at things, conceited.

Attack Types: Fire and Sand

Family: Shukaku Ichibi(Father), Yurikami Yoshida(Mother), Yumi and Tsuki(Sister
and Brother)

Relationships: None yet

Friends: Jess, Yuri, Chiyoko etc.

Weapon: Samarai Sword

Favorite Song: N/A

Sayings: "baka" ((towards Tsuki))

Looks: His mother kinda

Extra Info: Being the oldest out of the three, Yuki is very confident of his abilities and believe's he's better than Tsuki in everyway because of his two forms.

When Yuki gets older, his relationship with Tsuki becomes like Sasuke's and Naruto's. Being the cool one, Yuki never had a problem when it came down to getting girls. But that's goes down when Tsuki finally matures out of his femineness. ^^

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