Profile # 3 Akito Yakahashi

Used In: Orignial Comic A Promise Worth Keeping..

Name: Akito Yakahashi

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Species: Human

Anime/Manga created for: Original Manga

Height: 6'2

Weight: 160lbs

Eye color: Sea Blue

Hair color: Blonde

Hair Length: Up to bottom neck/ shoulders

Hair Style: Straight

Skin tone: Peachy

Scars: None

Piercings: None

Tattoos: None (Probably gets one later on in the series)

Full Outfit (including accessories): School uniform with red undershirt.

Likes: Looking at the town, flirting, meeting new people, hanging with friends, girls, his memories

Dislikes: Fighting, the principal, rotten old men, being rejected, losing a friend

Hobbies: Takes pictures, Eat

Fears: Losing a dear friend

Weakness: Namine..

Goal in life: To be married

Family Tree: Mom- Kim Yakahashi ; Dad- Togashin Yakahashi

Personality: Akito is very confident and energetic. He's like a puppy playing around. He loves to have fun. Fighting is kinda boring to him because every fight he gets in he totally wins it. When it comes to women, his charm is a killer. He doesn't let anything get to him, hardly. His motto: Live life when ya can! His only weakness is the girl in his memories.

Personal background: Akito Yakahashi had an childhood friend named Natsuko Yashaba. He loved her like a sister and even more. One day, Natsuko had to leave with her bad-ass family, running from the cops. They were both sad to leave each other. So Akito made a promise to never forget about her and she had to do the same. She promised as well and gave him her lucky charm bracelet as he gave her his lucky rubber band. The family left the town, never to return again.

Eight years later, Akito is 17 and is attending Peach Tree High School. One day he bumps into this girl while coming to school late. Her name was Namine Yamino. The two soon become friends. She reminded him so much of Natsuko, who he has not forgotten even for a minute. Every now and then poor Akito would have memories of the past with her. Why does this girl seems so much like Natsuko from many years ago?