Tips on Roleplaying me!

If you want to include me in your post, here's some things to keep in mind so that you make sure you get my personality right-nya! :3

  • I absolutely hate the dark! That's when monsters come out!
  • I'm very impatient and I always have a lot to say!
  • I sometimes (rarely now though) end the last sentence in a dialogue with 'nya', which is a lingering feline trait from when I was a Meowth. I don't mean to do it; it's kinda a little quirk of mine!
  • I have a natural fear of Team Rocket, because I was imprisoned by them for about 3 years when I was younger.
  • If I really like you and I'm comfortable around you, I'll want to hang on you a lot. Physically cling to.
  • I LOVE HUGS <3 Hug me all you want! I'm a HUGE cuddler!!
  • If you ask me to talk about my parents, I will describe them with proud sparkles in my eyes. They're so important to me!
  • I have a huge appetite! Especially when it comes to Poffins or noodles!
  • I'm beginning to learn how to cook, especially baking. Sweet cakes and poffins from scratch!
  • Since training with Xio, I've gotten a bit stronger! My strengths are any attacks I do with my claws. I'm also nimble and can jump high!
  • I actually would LOVE to be treated as one of the older guys. I'm not a little kid anymore, so you don't need to baby me!~
  • No matter what I have to say, I usually say it with a lot of excitement and feeling! I get excited about basically anything.

That might be it! If you have any other questions, comment below-nya!