This world is basically about my favorite music...but mostly about my favorite OP's and ED's


I remember Sus asking me to post up a song....IM FINALLY DOING IT xDDDD. Anyways this is a song me and my friends sang. A quick side notes you might wanna lower the volume a bit cuz it can be kinds staticy if too loud. 2 no judging i recorded this when they were drunk xDDD
Oh and umm i didnt want them to know i was recording so theres no Video just Audio ^^

Lead Singer: Me xDDD
Harmonizers: Krazy Good and Manny Fresh
Beats: Johnny J and Donald DKV
Instruments: Me xDDD

I hope ya'll enjoy it I sang this song with by brothers cuz i will be leaving in 2 weeks for Las Vegas xDDD

Mother We Share

Title: Mother we share
Band: Chvrches

Theory of a dead Man

Title: Not meant to be


I finally found the song that took me months to find out... i dont care what you think of this song but this was like my childhood song so dont judge OR ELSE
*Glares at you*

Everything I Do

This song brings back alotta memories