2nd Day of School

Today was the second day of school. It was pretty boring yet interesting. I met new people today and stuff like that. And I found out what day I can try out for the Step Team like last year. It's the 15th of Sept. so when that date comes around and I try out, I'll let you guys know how it went!

Um... Nothing else interesting at school happened today. Oh yeah! When I was walking home with my sister, I saw 2 little boys with a girl. The boys had the same school uniform as me so I figured they went to my school. I wanted to go have a little chat with them so I told Janelle (my sis...) "I'm gonna go talk to them!". She was all like "No, Jenae! No!" and tried to stop me but I ALWAYS win! I ran up to them and was like "Excuse me!! Do you go to my school?" They just looked at me and said yea yea. And I was like "Oh so what grade are you guys in??" And they looked like they were afraid to answer the question! It took like 5 seconds for them to answer! It shouldn't take that long... even though I do it sometimes XD. One boy said,"I'm in 7th grade..... and HE'S in 6th" Lol! Wow! "There's no need to be afraid of me! I was only asking a question... ok... bye!!" I said, crossing the street. Omg!! That was soooo funny! They must of thought that I was gonna pound them for being freshmans! And the boy snitched on the other boy saying that HE was the freshman not ME...so pound HIM... lol wow! Sooo funny!!!

I just love looking at a freshman's face when us 8th graders say "FRESHMAN!! FRESH FISH!! FRESHMAN FRIDAY!!!". It's looks so scared and helpless!! hahahahahaa!! I crack up when they start to go crazy just to get away from us. I know it's mean but I just can't help but laugh! I'm not into freshman friday though. I don't want to beat up little kids for no appearrent reason... I would rather protect them from getting beat up... but not on freshman friday. By the time Friday comes, Imma be gone! Lol! Sorry but I don't want a 6th or 7th grader coming up to me asking me to protect them! Oh nooooo! That's not my style. When it's your time to get punched or thrown in the garbage then it's YOUR time! Don't drag me into it! I don't want a banana peel in MY hair. On Monday, they can ask me to protect.

I just got finished drawing a Yurikami[X]Shukaku picture for Teh Biju Club. I love it! It looks so cute to me! Even Janelle agrees that it's cute. Yurikami and Shukaku is my favorite pairing in this world!! I hope you all like the picture when it comes out!
All I have to do is color it and get a scanner to scan it... which should take about a week or two depending on if I go to my grandpa's... Well Cya L8ta!!

~Nao Chan