New RP?!


To stimulate my imagination, suddenly an idea popped into my head. How about a new RP?!
With PGR not being active, I figured to just leave it how it is until we have more members wanting to start it.
BUT here's a new idea!

Imagine being apart of reality but being called by the universe to transcend into a whole new dimension to help save its people. A magical world where you are a different species. You can be an elf, animal person, etc. Through the medium of a electronic device. You can either be born as a human in the real world, here on Earth, or Gaia (the other world) as the other species. The ultimate role play. 😁 Your character is basically you and your Gaia self is the person you choose to be. It's super fun to imagine!

I believe my subconscious thought of this as I embarked on my journey back into my imagination. I wanted to escape reality; the bills, the outside distractions, just to be apart of something magical again. As I wrote stories before and role played with you all, that in itself was my escape from reality. So now, I believe this role play will do just that not only for me but for those who are also willing to take a journey to another realm! Why do you think? When I start this role play, will you join? Comment! 💕✨

I'm already coming up with ideas for the role play! It came to me in a dream! 😁