Encounter Chapters One & Two .

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Chapter One: Enter Hana

The bleak, harsh wind blew as harsh as a storm. The whistling of the wind hitting the few leaves on the trees and grasses was very soothing as I soar in the sky. The crepuscular night sky sparkled with little small jewels that shined like a polished fox bell. No, more than that. Like the shikkon jewel I've heard so much about from my elders, subjects, and parents. My feet began to get really sore from the many tree branches I've happened to jump upon but my back was just fine even though I carried numerous things in my hand made bag. My hair, tied up as it was, flew back like little stings getting blown by a fan. Conditions could have been much harsher on this night, thank god it wasn't.

I have gone a long way away from home. You could say I was "running away". But not from friends and family. Quite the opposite. I was escaping for the cage they left me in for many years. No, not really a cage. It was my duties. Way too many duties to handle. I'm Princess Hanaki Shirimo of the Black Fox Demon Tribe. I was place under authority seven years ago ever since my mother pasted away and since then it has been non-stop work and Princess duties to fore fill for my tribe. I am now 17 years of age and I finally got sick of it all. Missing my own birthdays, never hanging with people my own age group, handling ALL business in the tribe, just sick of it! Disgusted you might say! Even though I AM princess, the people of my tribe should depend on themselves for once. I'm not always going to be their. My father doesn't even help. All he does is prepare the troops for any danger or for the approaching of a rival demon. Then when he's done for the day, all he tells me about is the survival tips of life and blah blah blah. I'm ONLY a teenager. Why can't they finally understand already? Hopefully they will when they realize that their precious beloved Princess Hanaki has vanished.

My skills of survival will be put up to the test, now that I am on my own. I'm not that worried about my well-being though. I am an indubitable strong demon. One of the strongest of all fox demon; red, black, and gray alike. Well at least that's what I believe. Fox demon has basically been pushed around for centuries. I do not even believe that most Fox demon is strong. I thought as myself as an exception because I am a Dog Demon mix. The Red Fox demon tribe just throws their fox toys around and expects a demon to go down automatically. May God have Mersey on them if they come across a powerful foe.

A branch snapped as soon I pounce foot on it causing me to plunge straight to the ground. I yet out a quiet squeal while I dropped in mid air. Luckily I caught a branch with my arm before I hit the cold forest ground.

"Whew... Too close" I said to myself with a relieving smile. The branch was about 5 feet from the grass so I decided to let go. I landed with a small thud, and I brushed off my kimono. The sleeves and length of the Kimono was quite bothersome.

"I don't remember exactly WHY I decided to wear a long kimono on a long journey away from home and on my own. I knew I should have gone with the short one. But NOO, I had to go with the pretty scintillate blue one. *sigh*" I complained as I groomed the kimono some more. A rustling from the trees ahead alerted me. I sniffed around a bit. "*sniff* Hmm... A rabbit?" I questioned. Out hopped a little gray and white rabbit from the direction I heard the noise from. It's ALWAYS a stupid rabbit coming out of no where. I chuckled a little.

"I really gotta stop talking to myself." I whispered. Ignoring the fact that I did it again, I began to travel on foot. Something triggered my alert system and I quickly jumped a few yards back.

"Who goes there?!" I asked the unknown being. A twinkle from the way ahead shone and I dodged what came flying towards me and it hit the tree behind me. I looked back.

"A knife?" I questioned. Quickly turning back, the enemy finally has shown himself. The floor rumbled and tree plunged down from the push of a giant... Forest Rabbit Demon? What the Heck? I thought all who existed of the Rabbit demons died out. Apparently not, because they was one standing right in front of me. It resembled the small rabbit from before but instead of blue eyes it was gray eyes.

"Go away!" it demanded.

"Why do you wish to get rid of me? I have done nothing to you!" I told him.

"No path this way. This way my home. No yours! You go now!" He demanded. One reason why Forest Rabbit Demons died off: They were dumb as hell. Survival is all about skill and technique, Unfortunetly for them, they had zit.

"Okay. Make way and I'll be on my way." I reinsured him.

"No! You go now!" he roared, swinging an angry paw at me. What the Hell?! I just I'll be on my way! Dumb as hell alright. I dodged the attack. He attacked again. This time his claws caught both of my sleeves and torn them off when I tried to dodge. Now I was pissed. I whipped out my Whip of Light. While in the air, I made a movement of my finger which made the whip hit the rabbit's ear. The ear instantly came off and blood gushed from the rabbit's head.

"Owiee Owiee Ow!" It cried, holding that one side of his face.

"Now, will you be a good boy and let me get through?!" I yelled at it. It whined, nodded, and stepped to the side. I landed on the ground and walked past the demon. Suddenly, I feel claws slashed against my back. The dumbass. Correction, I'm the dumbass. I should have known not to trust a Rabbit Demon. Their known for their trust issues. Damn.

I dropped to the floor, then the big ugly beast lift me from my feet. Then he slammed me on the ground. Before he could claw me another time, I got up to my feet and tried to jump out of the way, but the claw got my thigh by the time I was 2 feet off the ground. The bottom of my kimono got caught in his claw and torn it off. He got me real good. But that didn't stop me. I could now move easily. Dumbasses I swear.

"Fox Fire!" I yelled out and a burst of flames brushed out my palm. Got him. He covered his head as if he wasn't burning so I pulled out my whip again and in one move, I quickly slashed off his head. That was the end of him. I panted and flinched in pain.

"Damn. I used the Fox Fire too hard..." I glanced at the burn on my hand. Over use of fox fire can cause burns. That's something father told me. Heh, I should have listened. The kimono was dropping off of me and I decided to was time to make haste to a near by river to wash the blood off and to treat the wounds.

I walked my way to a river that was as clear as glass. It sparkled from the Moonlight above. In meantime I was able to wash myself of, bandage the wounds on my wrist and thigh with the wrap I had in my bag. My back was hard to get but I was able to pull it off. I pulled out the sewing needle and some rat hair thread and began to sew the kimono's back that the stupid rabbits tore in half. Within minutes I was finished and once all the bloodstains washed out the kimono, I place it back on my body. A yawn slipped out my mouth.

"Time to get some rest" I smiled. I laid back, closed my eyes, and within seconds I was dead asleep with the scent of a little girl’s blood in my nostrils.

Chapter Two: The Smell Of Blood

I woke up to a magnetic shining sun in the sky. Sitting up, I sketched and yawned. Then I scratched my back. The sun was truly bright today. By the position of it, I could tell I woke up rather late. Afternoon, to be exact. The lake's water sparkled by the reflection of the shining star. What a wondrous sight.

I looked at my bandaged wounds and poked at them. I flinched at a stink coming from the poke. I wasn't quite healed. The sound of ruffling and snickering hit my eardrums. I turned my head to side only to see little monkey imps going through my belongings.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" I yelled to them. There were five of the. They all looked over to me and ran off with what they had. I sighed. I don't even wanna bother them those stupid imps. I'm sick of the forest already. I then got up and walked over to my bag that the imps half way torn. Most of the pack food I brought with me was gone and some of my ointment was gone as well. The stupid things probably thought it was food. I hope their poisoned from eating it. Luckily, there were still things I could work with, like sowing utensils, some bandages, and my dagger. I sowed the torn part of my bag and placed the things that were scattered in the grass back into the bag.

"Shoot. The food I was saving for today's lunch is gone." I whined. I was really looking forward to eating that chewy dried fish father made. I pouted my bottom lip out and placed the bag on my back.

"Looks like I'm on my own with food here. Hm.. Isn't there fish in that lake there lake?" I walked over to the lake I slept by and looked into it. My reflection appeared in the water. Boy, I do look like my mother. I had her eyes and nose. I got my color hair from my father but it sure was long as mother's. Wait. What was I doing again? ..... Oh that's right. FOOD! Not much fish were in the lake, which was hard to believe. Usually there were many fish in the lakes and ponds around these parts. I guess that goof for a demon ate them all and left only the small ones.

"These won't do. Not at all." I said folding my arms, really annoyed. I then heard a little squeal from the distance. My head quickly turned towards the sound. What was that?

"Someone please help me!" yelled a little girl from the distance. I then smell blood. Human blood. It was a human little girl who needed help. Poor thing. I dashed towards the scent. It lead me to a small girl a green little imp and... the monkey imps!! They were still around. AND they still had my stuff. They were torturing them. The green imp was waving his two headed cane around trying to threaten the monkey imps.

"Back! Back I tell you! O-Or else you'll suffer the r-" a rock was then sent flying at his head by one of the monkey Imps. Direct hit. The little Green Imp then fell to the ground murmuring nonsense. He seemed to be knock out. Poor weakling.

"Master Jaken!" the little girl cried out. Her arm seemed to be bleeding. How could those monkey imps cause that? I examined the wound more and it seemed to be a slash. Ah, so it was because of their claws. Well there are pretty sharp. Wait. Why am I dazing off again? They need help. I walking in on the scene. The monkey imps seemed to notice me and they panicked. The girl's big teary eyes had their full focus on me.

"Well, Well now. Little miss are you okay? You're arm is bleeding. Are these bad monkey causing you trouble?" I asked the girl. She hiccuped with tears going down her face and nodded.

"Please M-Miss. Please help us. Master Jaken... h-hes..." she cried. I smiled.

"Okay. I'll make the bad monkey go away." I insured her. I turn towards the monkey imps with a evil smirk on my face then cracked my knuckles. They jumped with a terrified look on their face. Quite priceless. I slowly walked towards them and they each took a step back with every step I took. Pretty soon they were all backed up against a huge rock. I was a few feet away from them. One of them started to cry. I lifted my arms and made my hands into a creepy position like I'm a ghost trying to scare little children away.

"... Boo." I said lightly. The Monkey Imps dropped my stuff and quickly fled, making screeches. I laughed and the little girl giggled a bit.

"Thank you Miss!" she smiled. I took a cloth from my bag and wiped her tears.

"Hey, those Imps are nothing but trouble. And besides, They stole my belongings. That's kind of pay back." I smiled. The little girl giggled some more. "Hey little miss, why are you out here with such a weak Imp anyway? If you don't mind me asking." I asked her, placing the cloth back into my bag.

"We we're fetching food for our Lord. You see he went out one night and told us to stay in the forest and he returned to us weak and hurt, surprisingly! He NEVER gets hurt! So we attended to his wounds and stuff... Well at least tried to... Oh and Master Jaken could be very strong when he wants to be!" she informed me then showed off muscle on her arm which was barely there.

"Ah... I see. And who exactly is you're Lord?" I asked while attending to her wound. I wiped the blood and place the ointment I got back on the slash.

"Lord Sesshomeru! He's the greatest and strongest demon in the world!" she told me.

"So he's a demon? Why do a human child as yourself serve under a demon?"

"My Lord Sesshomeru saved my life. I owe him mines now." she grinned. Wow. Such big thoughts for a mare child. I wrapped her wound with bandages and tied it tight.

"Thank you! Miss... Miss.... I can't thank you properly without knowing you're name.." she said.

"Hana. I'm Hana. I'm a traveler just passing." I told her. I didn't want anyone knowing my full real name.

"Thank you Miss Hana!" she thanked with a smile. "My name's Rin!" she greeted.

"Well it's nice to meet you Rin. Oh and please call me only Hana. The 'Miss' part makes me feel old." I laughed. She nodded. Just in time of a 1 second silence, the imp named Jaken woke up.

"Ugh... uh... urmm.... Where am I-" he quickly jumped up in a fighting position, looking about. Rin and I both stared at him.

"Yeah you better run you weak demons! Har Har Har!" he laughed boldly. He then stopped laughing and turned to see me with Rin behind him. He jumped when he noticed my tail, indicating I was also a demon and not human.

"Rin! Who is this women?!" he demanded from the girl.

"Master Jaken, this is M- I mean Hana! She helped with my wound. Look, see?" she said to him while showing him the wrapped arm. He gave me a look and then cleared his throat.

"Well then, gratitude to you miss for helping this human girl. I am the almighty Jaken, former leader of a group of many demons like myself." he said not holding out a hand to greet me with. Ha! Almighty?! I held back my laughing and chuckled a bit.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Master Jaken." I bowed my head a little.

"Oh Master Jaken! Can Hana travel with us? Can she?? She said herself that she's a traveler! Oh please??" she begged the imp. This caught me by surprise. Why would she ask this? It's not like we really know each other.

"Well, that's not my position to decide. Ask Lord Sesshomeru. But if you ask me, we have no need for this fox demon." he said walking off. Wow! Some nerve! "Come along Rin." he said.

"Um.. but Master Jaken, what about the food for Lord Sesshomeru?" he asked. Jaken seemed to stop and panic at that question. Oh dear lord. He forgot already.

"Boy that hit on the head must of been hard." Rin joked.

"S-Shut you mouth Rin! It just slipped my mind is all.." he said embarrassed.

"Well maybe I could be of assistance. I happen to have food with me. He could eat mine. And I'll attend to his wounds I've heard off as well" I offered. I didn't want to leave them in this situation.

"R-Rin! Why do you tell our business to this wondering demon!?!" he yelled to Rin.

"Oh come now Master Jaken. She's kind. She's no trouble to us. Plus she's offering to help us." she said folding her arms.

"Yes, come now Jaken." I smiled.

"That's MASTER Jaken to you! .. Hm... fine. But only to help Lord Sesshomeru." he said walking off once again. Rin jumped for joy and grabbed hold of my hand.

"Come Hana. This way!" he said leading me into the forest.