I was recently inspired to make a new World by a friend of mine here, who has had to leave for a while. His last world post, for the time being at least, gave off a feeling, an emotion with it, and I decided to make a World based on honor and respect between members. This World shall help promote kindness, respect and kinship between members. We shall work towards being true Nakama!

It has been some time...

It has truly been some time... and the years have not been kind to us both...

Bonus points for those who know where the quote is from haha!

So its been over 6 years since I last found my way to theO. Hard to believe how fast time flies. Been in the mood to get some online chatting in again and here we are...

Had quite a lot happen on my end of life, especially in the last year. Don't mean to get into all of it here, but would be happy to chat about it sometime. Thinking I'm gonna come back here to help build up posts and such on not so used topics. Primarily for me it'll be video games. But also wanna get back into these Worlds and blogging. Really give it a go.

But we shall see how it goes. For now, Just wanted to actually have a fresh post up. Hope to hear from some old and even new friends on here.

Holiday Season

Dear friends

We are once again in that time of year. The time of family, of friends, of thanksgiving and of Christmas. I can only hope and pray that each and every one of you are experiencing those very things.

I am not sure how well I will be keeping up with this world throughout the holidays, but just know that I shall be praying for all of you during this time. May God be with all of you and your families. May He bring your families even closer together, give yall great joy and comfort, as well as a thankful and caring heart.

And since thanksgiving is past, I will say this (Since I don't say happy holidays):

Merry Christmas! God bless!!