I was recently inspired to make a new World by a friend of mine here, who has had to leave for a while. His last world post, for the time being at least, gave off a feeling, an emotion with it, and I decided to make a World based on honor and respect between members. This World shall help promote kindness, respect and kinship between members. We shall work towards being true Nakama!

So much time...

I happened to be doing some organizing at work and decided while some music was going I'd check this site out again. Its been quite a while since I have been an 'active' member here. I forgot about this world! This guild! I had such high hopes for it. I think I may try to build it back up as I can.

Three years... three years since the last post here... I can hardly believe i've been gone so long. I miss those old times as this site was built up and created. Are there any of those older members who remembers those times?