Hi everyone, Welcome to my world of my life. Here you can read about what interesting things happened in my life.

Top Anime list that I like

* Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
* Death Note
* Angel Beats
* Fairy Tail
* Darker than Black
* Hitman Reborn
* Highschool of the Dead
* Detective Conan
* One Piece
* Naruto

These are not in order, but are the top anime I like best. Recommended for everyone except Highschool of the Dead(watch this when you're age 15+).


hey guys, I stopped posting interesting parts of my life on this world. I post mostly on Facebook. So if you have a facebook account, go onto this site: https://www.facebook.com/hao.liu.3363

One of the best site to watch anime

Hey guys or anime fans,
I just recently found out about a anime site, which is pretty much one of the best. Plus you can watch it for FREE. Unlike some anime sites you need to pay a premium to watch it.
It's goodanime.net
You can also try anime44.com if goodanime doesn't work on your computer. They are basically the same.

It has a whole range of anime you can watch. I think there is also manga you can read. It's in Japanese for most anime and some in English. But basically Japanese dub anime usually have English subs if you can't understand.

If you know any English anime sites, please comment and tell me it. So I can share it with other people.

NAPLAN coming up

My NAPLAN is coming up and my parents forced me to study the week before NAPLAN. I'm sad I can't play games.

Best Anime Music Site Download Free

Hi guys,
I found out the best anime music free download site. It's http://gendou.com/amusic/

All you need to do is register and you can search for any of your favorite anime music you want. Please note that in that website not all anime music can be found but most.