Hey Guys. This is where I will be posting about random events that I find exciting or extremely *insert another emotion here*. So Pull up a chair, sit back, and listen to me rant.

<p>If (for some unknown reason) you want to contact me on another site, these are the sites I am on:
<p>Neopets: crystal_thief
<p>Runescape: Wolfdemon284 (I'm not on Runescape much anymore.)
<p>World of Warcraft: Tyai, Realm: Greymane
<p>Gaia: Aerywin

*Le gasp*!

I can't find my Prismas! Dx

<p>Okay, not a mondo-crisis, but still! I had an uber drawing craving attack and I can't find my prismas so I can practice coloring with them! T.T Oh the inhumanity!!!


<p>'Kay, I feel better now. :3 Wow, it's been a while since I posted/said anything. Doubt the few people that knew I existed remember me anymore. Haha... I am going to try and start posting things again. Like this picture of a Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan character I drew crappily years ago... found again a week ago... and drew it anew. Wow, I've improved in the two years since I drew it. o.O And no.... I won't post the crappy one so people can laugh at it.


Yippee, I'm a horrible person. TT-TT

I think I alienated one of my close friends from Runescape who followed me to World of Warcraft. He sent me an e-mail saying he didn't want to be friends anymore because I "betrayed him"?... Um, what? All I did was switch realms, and I gave him fair warning about that before I did. I even told him I was switching and waited an extra month so he could get used to the idea! Hey, if you had seen the lag on Illidan, you would know why my boyfriend and I switched over to the realm Greymane.

Anyway, I'm used to it. When I left Runescape for World of Warcraft and my boyfriend, I left a lot of good friends there. If you're reading this guys I miss you all bunches!!!! Dragon, Demon, Bicamu, Ash, Jeromias (we called each other "twins" xD), and all my other good buddehs who's names I can't remember right now!

*clears throat*

And the ones who have tried to keep in contact with me via e-mail have stopped replying. Probably cause of school though. Either way, my lack of friends is affecting my mood. I've started wearing all dark clothes, my hair hangs over one eye, I'm going to paint my nails blood-red (Parents won't let me buy black nail polish), and put red-streaks in my hair. Plus I've been listening to sort of emo music, like My chemical Romance. And more lately: TOKIO HOTEL!!!! <3 <3 <3 I love their song "Monsoon" Go listen to it! I command it!


Ahaha.... ignore the "I command it" thing... had a diva moment there. Won't happen again.

But, on the positive side, MY BIRTHDAY WAS LAST MONTH! WOOT! :DDD

Well this could be problem-matic...




<p>Srsly, I haven't drawn anything in months! I have all my nice art stuff just lying around here, like my tablet and prismacolor pencils. I neeeeed help! Someone request something! Like a picture of their OC or whatever! I need to get back into drawing! Fast!

<p>*watches old drawings that were never posted burst into flame and die*

<p>Gah! Huuuuurrry~~!

I'm confuzzled....

Okay, I know I've been kinda.... gone on here. Well, that's because of two things.
One: I have no friends on here anymore. The one person who talked to me has stopped talking.
Two: I can't figure out how to post pictures on here anymore. o.O

So, if someone can tell me how to post a picture on here again, I'll start posting some more. Mur, I'm tired. I'm gunna go play more WoW and e-mail my brains out. xD See ya guys.

*no idea who she's saying "bye" to since no one ever reads her posts*

New character

Hey guys.

So, I created a new character for my guy character Andrew. I've spent over a year trying to find someone that he, ya know, clicks with. But no luck. So I went and created him a partner!

This guys name is Yuunshi Kisda (yew-UN-she KISS-da). He prefers Yun to his rather long first name. Yes, they are both guys, and yes, they're a yaoi couple. ^.^ Yun is a perverted bad-boy who works in a bookstore. He's 21 years old to Andrew's 19. Andrew is quiet, and prefers reading and cooking to anything else. He's currently studying to become a chef. Yun likes to sneak up on Andrew while he's cooking and startle him by doing something... perverted. xD

I'd draw them, but I'm not good at drawing guys. I'm not even sure why I posted this, no one ever reads what I write. *sigh* Oh well, this is better than doing my schoolwork. Yes! I am not out of school yet! Since I'm homeschooled, I don't get out until I finish all my online courses. Almost done with Biology though, and American government is coming along nicely. But my Algebra! Ugh! That teacher is so slow! It takes her two days to respond to anything I send it! Two days!!! While I'm almost done with Biology and American government, I'm only up to lesson 11 of 20+ algebra lessons!!! Argh! At this rate I won't be done until the end of August, then it'll be right back to schoolwork. Waaaaaa!!! I hate high school!!!! I wanna go back to middle school!