Hola! I'm harplayer.

I'm 17, a bookworm, a spaz, and...

I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!(well you probably figured that out already)I play the

flute, piano, harp, baritone sax, alto sax, soprano sax, and clarinet.

I just wanted a place to talk about many random subjects(and to see if i could

even make a world)

And remember...


Jazz Band

Hello to all who glance upon my page by accident!
I am going to try out for the jazz band at my school...again.
I didn't make it last year(I was the only person in the rhythm section that did not make it ) but I am going to attempt it again. wish me luck, 'cause i know I'll need it.

Also, I found this music video of a song called 'prayer of the refugee' by Rise Against. I lovethis song! LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Anyone, please feel free to share your favorite music (song or video, i don't care!)(Except the Jonas Brothers)



My dad has had knee surgery just over a week ago. He had always had bad knees. It is really hard on him right now, so, if some of you could pray for him (whether you know him or not, i would really appreciate it.

Don't worry..I'm alive...i think

I have not done anything for a while, or even been on the computer. ( I was banned my computer because i crashed it, oops)

Oh, and does anyone know how to make kairi's dress from kingdom heart 2? I can't find a good pattern anywhere and i don't fell like figuring it out.


Oh! And i now have the opportunity to play the bari sax!!!! yes!!!!!!!!
Music rocks !!!!!!!!!!!

Wow...I stink at jazz

I played jazz(keyboard) for the first time...Nobody told me I needed to learn chords!So, I have given up on anything jazz because I fail at it.

My life is boring, 'cause I know people care.(sarcastically) I'm teaching myself math stuff this summer....
I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a fork, but its too late to turn back now.

Do any people that happen to glance upon this page know where I can get free non downloadable music?