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My new Wallpaper is finally online! But that isn't the Epic Wallpaper from the Post i mentioned (im workin on it at the moment)

Uchiha Sasuje
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Hello Mina,

Im back for some kick ass Wallpapers and more today is just a Post of two Signatures. I dont have time to make some quality Wallpaper because next week is my Final Exam.

Which is the better One?? both from one of my Fav. Anime and Manga

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External Image

Opinions are welcome write them in the Comment

Best Regards

Epic Wallpaper

For my 30th Wallpaper there will be a Epic Collaboration of anime i dont want to Spoiler now but one of them is of Course Naruto but the others are Secret.

New Wallpaper

Hey Guys

Finally some new Wallpaper are added hope you like them

Hatake Kakashi
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Itachi Uchiha
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Naruto & Sasuke
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Strongest SaNNiN Jiraiya-Sama
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New Wallpaper

Hey Guys,

Welcome to my First Post on my World
just adding some Wallpapers

for Wallpaper Watch my Portfolio