Today~ 2/6/09

Today is kinda a drag. We've had three late start days in a row and today was the first day that we needed to get to school at the regular time, so I'm tired out of my mind.
My high school is on a block schedule, so we onlyhave for periods a day and switch between A and B days. Today is a B ay, which usualy is my fav of the two days but today it seems like everyone is on one. My friend (let's call her The Pain)was on one today in choir. I know she's bipolar, and that I should be more patient with her, but I'm afraid I lost my temper with her. *sigh* Not kind, I know, but for that last week or so, she's been singing flat or sharp on pupose and driving poor Dr. P insane. So I told her to stop being such a downer and that her throwing a hissy fit everytime Dr. P said the sopranoes were doing something wrong wasn't helping anything. Now she's mad at me. Blah, blah, blarg. I'll have to deal with it later.
On a happier note, yesterday I got with some friends, including the guy the I'm getting a crush on (all in vain, however. He has a girlfriend. Woe is the day!)ad we played D&D, only in the Star Wars universe. Yes, I am, a nerd, and not even a closet nerd. I pride myself on being fashionable and yet, still being weird and into the stragest possible things. I freaked out a girl the other day in my drama class when she found out I like anime. I don't hide the fact. I have a room full of anime stuff and anime buttons on my backpack, but she just couldn't believe that i liked anime, was, in fact, an otaku, and a fangirl. *w00t for Zero!*
Anyway that was a long tangent. I was going to tell about my session yesterday with my friends. Anyway, I crash landed on the smallesst moon of a gas giant, and hit my head so hard that I got amenesia (in the game, of course). Then, while looking for other survivors, I ran into a hive of the Aliens (from Alien) they nearly killed me, but luckily, while I was wandering arouind earlier I found a plasma grenade, which saved my butt. But then my friend, who had landed on the moon to save me, came in and hade such low rolls that his collar bone got ripped out and his arm was melted off. Needless to say he was not a happy camper. :)
Anyway, g2g. Comment!