Questions Are Welcome!

Sooooo...I was asked a question the other day about polygamy.It's actually a common misconception that mormons still practice polygamy. When the LDS church first started they did practice having multiple wives, but during the presdential era of Grant, they stopped. Peopl that disagreed with the decision and didn't belive that it was divinely inspired, broke of from the Church and started the FLDS church, or the "Fundaemental" LDS Church. Those in that religion still practice polygamy and where pioneer clothing etc.
I belong the the LDS Church and we practice monogamy like everyone else. The LDS Church also teaches the men and women are seperate (so different) but equal. They believe that men have a job and women have a job and that they are different, but no one is better than the other. So it's actually very empowering to women. :)