As you stand infront of this famous tavern
you've heard so much of, you hear music and laughter
coming from inside. You cautiously open the door and
step inside, only to be bathed in the sounds of
merriment and the bright light of the candles used
to light the place. There are various people sitting
at tables joined in conversation, and all the races
one could imagine. It seems that this tavern's
reputation for being a place all can be friends is

The main floor is set with tables in uniform
alligment, with the upper floor open to the main.
The bards play on a small stage on the upper floor,
where the tables are cleared for dancing. The music
is lively, perfect for a clear summer's day. Near
the back is the bar, where the tavern owner stands
watching the patrons. Her strangely pink eyes are
cold and foreboding as they wander to your face,
until her smile warms them. She beckons you over.

"Welcome to Moonlight Tavern!" She calls,
her voice as cheerful as the atmosphere. With a
careful hand she tucks her blond hair behind her
ears, then quickly returns to pouring drinks.
The place seems nice enough, and whether you're
a stranger or a familiar patron, you feel welcome.

Tavern Assistants:

Terran And Arlette

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