This World shall house The Holy Word of Moe.

The Parable Of The Lost Shinigami

There was once a Captain General of Soul Society named Genryūsai who had two Shinigami students, Shunsui Kyoraku and Jushiro Ukitake, whom he was both proud. One day Kyoraku approached the old man and asked for his inheritance. “W...

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The Lord of Moe's Prayer

(Here is a quick break from the Word of Moe. Instead, here is something else to enrich your lives -- if you are ever in a tough spot and are in need of guidance, this prayer is a good starting point for communication with the Lord of Moe.)

Our Lord Shiggy Lemons, who art in the Land of Moe,
hallowed be thy Moe.
Thy canon come.
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in the Land of Moe.
Give us this day our daily cheezburger,
and forgive us our failings,
as we forgive those who fail against us.
And lead us not into tentacles,
but deliver us from Fail.
[For thine is the canon,
and the POWA, and the GAR,
for ever and ever.

The Tragedy of Yao-dom and Yur-morrah

Shiggy Lemons loves moe so much. And he has filled the world with many wonderful moe characters and sunglasses so we know how moe it is. Now back in the day of Konata, there were two cities named Yao-dom and Yur-morrah. The people who lived...

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Kittan and the Snazzy Leather Jacket

There might or might not be Gurren Lagann spoilers in this one. Just in case, tread softly and carry a big stick. Now there was in the Surface World of Moe a man by the name of Simon. He, along with Nia, his Moe-est and favorite ladyfriend,...

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Gendo and Shinji

The Lord Shiggy Lemons proved His benevolence by setting up his faithful servant, Gendo Ikari, with a sweet pad on the outskirts of Moe Tokyo-3. And it was good. But, lo, hark and hello, Gendo had been coasting by on the Lord of Moe's good...

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