Hello! I'm not really familiar with the new otaku version yet even if I have made this account a loooooooooong time ago. When I say a long time ago...I really meant 4 years. Well, nice to meet you all!

I am:
-Evelyn Chan
- a typical girl from Malaysia (asian)
- Chinese (who don't speak Mandarin - I have to learn!!!)
- 18 this year... ( -_-")
- going to college on April
- staying single!!! I guess...
- a Naruto fan!!!
- a Gaian too!

I love...
- Anime
- Drawing & writing
- Gaara!!!!!
- Nice people~ (^v^)
- People who draw Tsuyuri (my OC) with Gaara~

- am interested in friends
- want to get better at my language, writing and drawing
- want constructive comments on my artwork!!!!

I also know I'm not really good at art yet...But I'm getting there. Oh! I'll be posting old artworks here first befor going to the new ones. Please be patient with me...That's all for now...Chu~

The Mikazuki Clan

The newborns of this clan have a power to absorb the power of their surroundings during their birth. For example, when a baby from the Mikazuki Clan was born during winter, he/she will get to make and control ice. Another one of their powers is, they will inherit both of the parent’s blood line limit and their type of chakra. This is something like: Mikazuki + Hyuuga = the power of controlling over something and Biyakugan. But, the power they have will be too great that they can hardly control it and it will someday destroy them. So, a seal will be put on them once they are born to seal away their powers. Even though their powers are sealed, they are very fast learners and it takes a shorter time for them to master something. However, only a few people from the Mikazuki Clan managed to control their seal and use their powers. Those who get to control it, became the most elite ninjas... This clan is almost extinct.

Tsuyuri's Mother's Short Life

Nii Yugito’s elder sister:- Nii Yutsura = Tsuyuri's mother

Yutsura's mother is Mikazuki Nae. Her father, Nii Toruma. Yutsura is 7 years elder than Yugito. She was actually the one who was implanted with the Nibi at the age of 2. But she eloped with an Uchiha around the Kiri village at the age of 18 (Yugito 11). She was already considered an outlaw since she eloped and got away with the Nibi. She delivered Tsuyuri at age 20 (Yugito 13) but her husband disappeared at that time. He never came back. So, she took care of Tsuyuri until age 5 but there were people who were going to get her and she realized that she can’t defeat them. So, she chased her daughter away from the danger and was captured back to Kumogakure. This is where the Nibi was extracted from her and transfered to Yugito (aged 18).

Yutsura's tragic death was not known to Yugito. She was told that her sister came back and offered to return the Nibi as she was already close to death’s door because of an uncurable disease. It was because of that lie, Yugito took Nibi upon her in her sister’s name and for the village. Compared to Yutsura, Yugito mastered the Nibi 100 times better. The Mikazuki blood that ran in her veins has a lot more power than Yutsura did. Her ability to control Nibi in such a rapid pace caused every outsider to mistaken her as her sister who had that demon sealed in her at the age of 2.

Tsuyuri's Shippudden Profile

Family Name: Mikazuki (She was known with her grandmother's family name because of the dominance of the Mikazuki blood within her)
Name 1: Tsuruko (Name given by her mother and only called by her mother. She was known by this name when she was brought to Suna)
Name 2: Tsuyuri (Her real name as it was her father's wish to call his first-born girl by this name. She re-used this name after her true identity was revealed)

Age: Shippudden~14-15 (Just keep in mind that she is always ONE year younger than Gaara)

Brithdate: January 8

Chakra Nature: Water, Wind and Fire

Height: 160 cm? (As long as her height is until Gaara’s NOSE, that’s fine)

Weight: 44kg? (I don't know how to balance it. I'm Asian...)

Rank: Chuunin

Parent’s : Nii Yugito’s elder sister, Nii Yutsura (I made that up) and an Uchiha Nagori (I made it up too!)

Clan: Mikazuki

Summary of Her Past: http://www.myotaku.com/users/mikazuki_tsuruko/life/
-Note: Change Aiko to Tsuyuri and there are some changes already made but it is an overview of my idea.


Wears a strap top (black fro straps until the middle of her bust and red till the end), black half-fingered gloves (the one on her right hand is long until her chest. the one on her left hand is only from her wrist), black elbow-protecter (only left hand), A protective piece of white leather on her right arm (wrist to elbow in length), A brown belt which is attached to a strap for her weapon holder (to hold her fans), A skirt with 3 cuts (2 at the front and one at the back). Ties her hair back. Wear fishnet shorts. Black long stockings that are right above her knee. Ninja sandals.

She wears a black pop-up top which has a belt-like strap at her left arm and a short sleeve on her right when she is on missions. She takes it off when she needs to. (It’s more difficult to move in this than just a strap top)

She wears a V-necked long sleeved top when not on missions. Along with black shorts and clean bandage from her foot until her shin. Lets her hair down sometimes.


Weapons: 2 Metal fans that is as long as her thighs. Water that turned into weapons of her choice. (example: Scythe, boomerang, bow and arrows..etc)


-Controls water and wind. Even wind and water by someone else’s jutsu. However, it takes an extra amount of Chakra than what the other person used. (This is a trait of the Mikazuki) She only uses it when the situation favours it.

-A fast learner. That explains the multiple weapon mastery. (Another trait of the Mikazuki clan)

Ninjutsu: 4/5
Taijutsu: 4/5
Genjutsu: 1/5
Force: 2/5
Speed: 3/5
Stamina: 4/5
Seal Knowledge: 2
Inteligence: 3.5/5

-She has low strength which means her punches and kicks are not all that great. That's why she use weapons~ ^^

-She has an above average agility but a very low endurance. She can't stand pain. If she gets hit, her agility drops, her strength decreases and it would be more difficult to control her chakra.

-Some shinobis who knew her before created special seals and weapon to completely lock her abilities (which means she cannot use any special powers but fight by hand). A very big disadvantage and she is easily defeated in this manner...

Condition: Being born a Mikazuki from a Jinchuuriki mother, the Nibi had tried to escape through Tsuyuri as a baby. Yutsura managed to stop the Nibi but...the Mikazuki baby was influenced by the Nibi’s chakra’s as well. Causing the birth of a new being (Half human, half Bijuu). The seal that is put on every single Mikazuki newborn is performed on Tsuyuri as well and it suppressed those powers. It turned out that she was one of the lucky few who managed to control the seal as well... With these powers, she earned a title “Konibi” by the people who knew her condition. The seal was never broken until she was captured at some point.

That's the reason why she has 2 different coloured chakra. Blue is normal and grey is her "Konibi" chakra. The Konibi chakra is forced out without her control if there is any Bijuu or Bijuu's chakra nearby.

Special jobs in Sunagakure: In charge of taking care of the plants in the greenhouse of Sunagakure since she’s good with water. She also volunteers to take care of the children in the orphanage of Suna when she has the time.

Habits: Following Gaara and the team he is with when on missions. (Well, it’s her lifetime mission)

Likes: Sweets, spicy, green tea, playing the flute, the full moon, hot springs, keeping Gaara company when he is out alone at night (well, he IS lonely and she wanted to befriend him)

Dislikes: Bitter food, lies, wasting time, the Desert (though she lives in the desert)

Hobbies: Reading, Observing Nature

Thinks before she acts
Never does things without reason
Honest (too honest)
Gullible (only petty facts though. No worries...xp)
Protective of the one she cares for
Stubborn & determined (If she wants to do something, no one can stop her - except Gaara or Temari though)
Kind & caring
Lack of humour
Easily discouraged


My life have been really busy since the starting of the year. I entered a new form and chose the Science stream (very hard) & have piles of homework each day. I have a total of 13 subjects to catch up...Well, it isn't too bad as I was enjoying ALMOST every class. But the worst thing is I don't have time for drawing and watching anime. I have a lot of anime which I bought but have not watch. I'm also really left behind my fave anime, Naruto. I just hope that things will turn out better soon.

That's all for my first post I guess...