so in this world will be the story of Meridia a 13 years old girl.

Hinata's bio

Age: 15
Special power: music/notes
she loves singing
she has too little sisters (Meridia and Pika)
when she was 12 (Meridia 10 and Pika 7),she sang at a concert
and a group of men in black enter in the auditorium and kill her,after she became an angel.

meridia's bio

Name: Meridia
Age: 13
Special power: Water
She's got one big sister (Hinata) and one little sister (Pika).
she's got light brown hair with blue and orange highlights.
she loves football and she make gym for 7 years with her sisters.

(will add picture when I will found it )


the characters of Meridia's world(this the first name of the fiction but it may change in the future) :

-Miss sweetiecandy (or Merrie)