Guess who??? :D

Moka here!!! I'm a guest poster here. DAS RITE. FEEL THE JEALOUSY COMING ON. >D jkjk. Anyways, so here I am! Any of you want to know anything about me? Just go right on ahead and PM me. No need to be shy. ^^ I don't bite hard. Lulz.

Back to school (And holidays)

So basically, I'm now back at school. Boring...... But My holidays were fairly good. I went up to my mums 100 acre block, had a fairly fun time riding my Quadie. Now, On to the important stuff. I recently had a course for Army Cadets that would promote me to Corporal, I passed it. XD

Hi everyone

Hey everyone, I finally made world of my own, well, here is what you basically need to know about me.

Name: Zayne
Age:16 (Booyah)
Profession: Student (Hoping to join Army)
Country: Australia (FOR THE WIN)
State: Queensland
What I would like to look like: External Image
Fave Anime: Sword Art Online
Fave Song: Warning Signs ~ The Anix
Fave style of music: Metal
Fave Japanese Artist: UVERworld
Fave Food: Pizza
Counties I want to visit: America, Japan.
Fave Video game: Mass Effect 3

Anything else you want to know just ask.