Before I go any where else, I'd like to tell you why I made this world.
I made this world to introduce to all the ones (everyone) that doesn't know me.

first my real name isn't mampo but Pierre (in english it's Peter, but I don't like the english version)
I'm thirteen and I live in Belgium. I live with: two of my brothers, one big, one small, a sister (small) and my parents.I go to a european school and I lived three years in India (that's why I speak English.)
when I say big or small, it's compared to me.

I'de like to have a top ten of my favorite mangas (It goes with anime):

  • Blue exorcist
  • One Piece
  • Fairy tail
  • Nurahyon
  • Blazer Drive
  • Kekkaishi
  • D.Gray-Man
  • Bakuman
  • Beelzebub
  • Reborn

Hikaru no go

HI everybody!!!!
Not so long ago, I discovered Hikaru no go and I actually wanted to start go!
I learned It with that Book called "The Go" (in french).


  • Buy a goban or have an app for it on a random Ipad (or iPhone)
  • buy the book and start learning, knowing the bases of the go is important.
  • Search the wikipedia page so you can show off knowing everything about it.

When you have done that, you will become the master of go!
If you don't know Hikaru no go, please Do it.

Little picture


Why can't I live in japan..... it's so sad......
Why is the only japanese store at more than 3O km away???

I think we should do a sadness day...

If you agree, put a comment like:

I agreee.........

bye bye

coming soon!!!

hey ! let me announce that my first comic will be out the 06/10/13

byebye and thx for reading!!!


Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao, oooh hayao, why did you have to leave...
This will probably be the saddest week of my life. our beloved hero of anime miyazaki-san is retiring...

I think we still have to enjoy his animation and never forget them.

Journey With Pierre


I would like to show how friday journeys go:

6:10= wake up Pierre!!
6:10-6:45= take a shower, get clothes on Pierre!!!
6:45-7:20= have your breakfast Pierre!!!
7:20-7:30= go on the computer and brush my teeth, I know mom.
7:30-7:40= I take the bus number 41 to go to school (it's only one stop far)
7:40-8:08= I meet my friends and go to my first lesson.
8:10= the school bell rings.
8:10-8:55=Gym (ssooooo annoying)
8:55-9:00= time to go to my next period.
9:00-9:45= Music
9:45-9:50= time to go to third period
9:50-10:35= religion
10:35-10:50=15 minutes recess
10:50-10:55= it's the fourth period now!!!
10:55-12:30= Math double period
12:30-13:15= Lunch time!!! (the food is horrible)

that's my school:

that's a lipdub my school made: