Yo people I'm MajinLuffy! I'm your typical anime fan i like most animes or at least the ones i can think of. my world is just me, so kick back and relax, an celebrate.

Sorry :(

I don't go on this site much anymore, so if i missed any thing sorry, i've been busy with school and when i get home its home work flash then sleep, but something good has come out of it! Time to show the fruit of my efforts!(rock lee couldn't it:P)

a pome to summer!

i'll miss the blasing heat
the itchy masquito bites
and the silent home bordom
hello bland halls
text books and
about 6 hours of my life
spent at a boring school
and hello to stupid uni forms,...
What am i saying some one help me!!!

any ways happy labor day!

Time to party!

Sonic says it all, and be for you ask yes i made it and no you cant have my cheesecake.

All 3 in 1 house!

its finally happened i own all 3 next gen systems my bro got a a great deal and saved about 90 dollars on not tax weekend buying a ps3 with mgs4 so now i have all three systems but i haven't downloaded the metal gear multi. player thing, and xaos i need your friend thing!

Friggen cool

I want to be able to creat a flash spite vid like this one day: