Welcome to my WORLD.

It's a shrine dedicated to Linkin Park and their awesome music. I will be posting music videos and related stuff to this band.

So, fellow LP lovers, come, sit, and be a merry fairy here at my Linkin Park Shrine!

~Rock on, PyroAquaMaster

Here's my favorite LP music video.


Phoenix will be chatting online with members of LP Underground this Thursday, August 21 at 6:15pm PDT! He will be chatting with fans about Projekt Revolution and answering your questions! so if you wanna chat with him nows your chance.

linkin park got nominated

Linkin Parks video of SHADOW OF THE DAY was nominated for the mtv music video award (directed by MR.HAUN)so go vote now...

more updates

Voting begins this Friday, August 8 for the MTV Video Music Awards Best Rock Video and Video of the Year catagories.
To help nominate Linkin Park's "What I've Done," watch F'N MTV this Friday at 8pm ET/PT

If you go to "wemix.com" you can make music with mike shinoda...awesome


1)Linkin Park went to china to continue there tour.

2)Mikes new DC Remix shoe is available now for presale.