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name: Sanisha (Sani)
DOB: April 30th, 1990
likes: Drawing, Internet, fighting, FOOD
dislikes: hypocrites, obnoxious people, cults, expencive art supplies

Secret Santa Wishlist

Secret Santa Wishlist

thank you for taking the time to read this, secret santa

Tsumugi my OC
Yukino my OC
Chikane - Kannazuki no Miko
Flone - Disgaea
Etna - Disgaea
Reisen- Touhou Project
Tewi- Touhou Project
Tomoya - Clannad
Kotomi - Clannad
Mai - Kanon 2006
Matsurika - Maria holic
sorry I don't really watch anime anymore so I don't really have a long list of favorite characters to choose from ^^;;
thank you!!

come on, the0

the new layout is really annoying. everything is so tiny. i already have eye problems *sulks* >A<

I think I just died....

i got a tablet for christmas! a Wacom Intuos3!! and i has copics coming in the mail! ^_____________________^

how was everybody's christmas?

thanks nintendogs <3

this is my dog Neiko.
how i got my dog:

so i was playing nintendogs one day and i noticed the shiba inu breed. i thought the dog was beautiful and i never heard of the shiba breed before i started playing the game. I ended up showing my parents the dog on the game and it turns out that htey had their eye on the shiba for a while but didnt know the name of the dog. 2 years later after A LOT of research we traveled to New Jersey to pick up the puppy from a breeder. and thats how I got little Neiko :)
i call him my little RL nintendog

Went to New York yesterday

it was a class trip

we went to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. the show itself was pretty short and boring (to my standards). the Rockettes were beautiful though. i want legs like that xD

was this Asian store that i spotted from the bus.
inside there were 3 floors of anime related items. they had EVERYTHING.
There was TokiDoki products, cosplay and lolita outfits, EVEN COPIC MARKERS.
the third floor consisted ENTIRELY of anime and manga. they had english translated ones along with original japanese print and doujinshi.

oh and a sushi bar (i dont like sushi though) >u<

SOOOOOO i am planning a trip back to ny soon. i have family over there but they live in Staten island. i'd have to cross a bridge take the ferry to the city and i'm too lazy to do all that