Random stuff that happens to me.

Save Funimation

As you may know, Verizon has gotten rid of FUNimation channel.

So, as otakus, it is our job to bring it back!!!

We have to call, email, write letters, post on facebook, and do anything else possible to tell verizon to keep the channel

If we do that enough, we might be able to bring the channel back.

You have to send an email.

It doesnt matter if you dont have Verizon.

It doesnt matter what country you live in.

It doesnt even matter if you dont have a TV.

We have to do whatever we can to bring back the channel.

Post this in all of your worlds.

Guest worlds.

And RPs.

It doesnt matter if it is off topic, all that matters is us saving FUNimation.


Classes for next year

Today I had to go around to my teachers and they circle the class they think I should go in, I agreed with all but one. The class I don't want to take is Wilson Reading where they teach you words you can't pronounce, I can pronounce big words I just rush. So me, this girl, and two other guys have to be put in it. The girl, one of the guys and I started arguing with the teacher how we did not want to take the class. The other guy who is my neighbor is reading a map and says "There is a place called South Sandwich Island...... I want to go there and maybe they will give my a sandwich." The way he said it and the timing it had was so random the everyone in the class started laughing. That was first period than comes second period me and that kid is in all the same classes and he asks me "Want to go to South Sandwich Island with me? I will buy you a sandwich there." And again it was at a random time and I started laughing. That randomness made my day.