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This is a little poem I have heard before:

Dear, So and so
My parents don't understand me
Life is like a dark abyss of
I feel like

I am all about drawing and obviously i love anime thats why my user name is AnimeFanGirl. But i just want to say i am a very hyper, but calm, and funny, also strange person . My youtube account coolkat235 and i have some videos and i luv to draw so im going to put more and more pictures up and i hope you like them . Oh, and this is my first ever world i made. My best friend is Kyofangirl09. Omg how many fingers do u have i have 10 (hehehehehehe) very hyper right now. .

I also made a story an this is it:
The Unknown Toybox
By: AnimeFanGirl365

Legend has it there once was 3 girls “Hey what about me!!” says Casper. “Oh sorry

Casper” said the narrator. Anyways. One day a bottle washed up on shore. Oh, before

we start lets introduce our characters. There is Hinta,Jinta,and Ninta as the three

girls and Casper as the one boy. Now lets get on with the story. After they found the

bottle they saw that there was a a note or map in there. So Casper opened the bottle

and read the top of the map and it said “The Unknown Toybox”. “What kind of map is

this, one from a cereal box” Casper said. Ninta said “That is a pretty weird name for a

treasure map”. “I think we should go anyways” Hinta said. Jinta said “Well were do we go

first”. So they head to “The Forest of no Return”.They made it as close a the beginning

of the forest. Then a little troll said “if you go through the forest you will never come

back”. But they went in the forest anyways and Jinta pushed the troll over. The troll said

just remember these numbers 3-9-5-4-1.They all just kept going. The farther

they went into the forest it got darker. Then Casper looked at his watch it was noon

then it was 9:00pm then his watch broke. Then they started to hear weird noises. They

ran as fast as they could. The girls looked back and saw that Casper wasn't behind them

anymore. But Casper had stopped for a breather. When Casper looked back he saw a 7

foot bear behind him. He ran as fast as he could. He came out of the forest as white a

ghost. Ninta got some water and splashed it on Casper and then he was himself again and

they moved on to the... “wait!! we need to read the map” says Ninta. “OK, next is the

Mystery River”says Jinta. On their way looking for the river they found a little tiger but

it ran away so they just went on then they found the River. It was about 2 inches deep

and 10 feet wide. “Hey there is a boat over there” said Hinta. “Why would we even need

a boat we can just walk through it” Casper said. So he started to walk through it and it

dropped 50 feet. Then Jinta said “All the bad things happen to you Casper”. Casper swam

out of the river as fast as he could because there were now sharks in there. “That is why

they call it the Mystery River” said Ninta. So they decide to take the boat obviously.

Then they saw the tiger again and it ran away again. It is now time for the moment of

truth the last place. It is the “Meadow of Shadows. They were heading off and in the

distance they saw lighting and darkness. “So it must be in that direction” Casper

whispered. They all were taking their time getting there but when the finally got there

they saw that same little tiger, but it was in the middle of the field. All 3 girls said “we

have to go save him”. They all ran to go save the little tiger then a lightning bolt struck

right in front of them. They dodged every single one except for Casper he got hit once or

twice. “Or maybe 5 times” says Ninta. “But he is still alive” said Hinta. Hinta grabbed the

tiger and ran anyway she could. Ninta ran to the other end of the meadow and she

smashed into an invisible wall, but then a door appeared and a letter came out of the door


DOOR!! So Ninta yelled to the others “This way”. They ran through the door and Hinta

still had the tiger in her hands. When they went through the door it was a calm stream

and next to it was a mountain. “The map doesn't say anything about this place” said

Jinta. “What are we supposed to do now” said Ninta. The tiger jumped out of Hinta's

hands and turned around and “meowed” and ran away. “I think he wants us to follow him”

said Casper. So they did they followed the little tiger to a mountain. There was a little

door at the bottom of the mountain and he pointed at it and they all went through the

door and the tiger just waved his paw and now they were on their own. While they were

going through the passage way to how knows where there were many bats and spiders and

where ever there are spiders there are spider webs. Then they all finally reached the top

and they were all actually fine not tired at all. At the top was a box with numbers 1-9 on

it. Then Jinta was having a flash back of what happened when they first began. “I GOT

IT” Jinta screamed. Casper said “what?”. I KNOW THE CODE IT

IS...3...9...5...4...and...1!! Casper then typed that in and it open a door. But when that

door opened there was a beam of light and then when the light started to fade away they

saw a little toybox they all ran over to it and Ninta opened it and in it were the words

“Friendship and Teamwork” Then under the words were 3 princess tiaras and 1 prince

crown.them all 4 of them held hands around the toybox and they were back home.


P.S. Hinta, Ninta, and Jinta also Casper are anime people me and my friends made

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